Game Consoles - Finding your MAC Address

Xbox 360

  1. Hit the Xbox button to get to your Guide menu.
    Go all the way to the right and select System Settings

  2. On the new screen, select Network Settings

  3. Select the McKWest [Unencrytped] network.

  4. On the next page select Configure Network

  5. Go right to select the Additional Settings Tab

  6. Go down and select the second item Advanced Settings

  7. Toward the bottom of the screen you should see Wired MAC Address. The MAC Address is the number below this. 

PlayStation 3 

  1. From the Home Menu, go to Settings

  2. Select Network Settings

  3. Select Settings and Connection Status List

  4. Your MAC address will be listed next to the words MAC Address 


  1. From the Wii Menu select the Wii icon in lower left corner

  2. Select Wii Settings

  3. Click the arrow to go to the next page of settings.

  4. Select Console Information

  5. The MAC address will be displayed

Apple TV


  1. From the main menu go to Settings > General > About.

  2. The MAC address you're looking for will be listed as Wireless ID.

NOTE: The address can also be found on the UPC label underneath the Apple TV box.