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Let's Get Started!

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 McKendree Bearcat Booster Club Members


Drury Inn

Mr. Mark Mestemacher (T) and Mrs. Carol Mestemacher

TheBANK of Edwardsville

Vandalia Bus Lines



Auffenberg Dealer Group

Dr. James M. Dennis

J & G Enterprises, Inc.

Landshire, Inc.

Mathis, Marifian, & Richter, LTD.

Mr. George W. Obernagel III '78 (T)

Mr. E. Dean Oelze and Mrs. Amanda Oelze

Mr. Jerry W. Phillips and Mrs. Maryhelen Phillips

Stolze Printing

UMB Bank


Mr. Charles E. Brueggemann '88 and Mrs. Susan A. Brueggemann

Dr. Loy Dale Cruse '55 (T) and Mrs. Peggy Cruse '61

Curt Smith Sporting Goods, Inc.

Mr. D. Brant Harper '73 and Mrs. Judy L. Harper '74

Mr. Garry W. Henson II and Mrs. Kathleen Henson

Holmes Murphy and Associates Inc.

Mr. Paul D. Kettwich '73 and Mrs. Myrna Kettwich

Mr. Daniel J. Lett '91 (T) and Mrs. Pauline Lett


Premier Rentals

Mr. John H. Sanders III ’73 and Mrs. Mary Sanders



        Mr. John L. Bailey '76 (T)

Bank of O'Fallon

Mr. Bill Blythe '63 and Mrs. Patricia Blythe '63

Bunge Corporation

Chick-Fil-A at Green Mount Commons

Mr. Kenneth A. Coplen '87 and Mrs. Lesley Coplen '86

Coventry Health Care of Missouri

Mr. Jamie M. Critchlow and Mrs. Dianne P. Critchlow

Da-Com Corporation


Engineered Fire Protection

Excel Plumbing, Inc.

First Federal Savings Bank of Mascoutah, Illinois

Gateway Financial Resources, LLC

Mr. Gary Graham and Mrs. Lucia K. S. Graham (T)

Grey Eagle Distributors

Mr. Paul L. Havenar '70 and Mrs. Andrea Havenar

Mr. Rich Hermes and Mrs. Paula Hermes

Ron Herrin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Holland Construction Services

Mr. Michael G. Howie '71

Mackey Mitchell Architects

Mr. Edward R. McGlynn '68 (T) and Mrs. Jeanne K. McGlynn '70

Memorial Medical Group

Phone Masters Limited

Poettker Construction

 Mrs. Julie Ponce

Mr. Brian F. Randall and Mrs. Evelyn M. Randall

Mr. Jeffrey Rennegarbe and Dr. Richelle A. Rennegarbe '93

Mr. Philip R. Schwab '70 (T) and Mrs. Carol Schwab

SDS Stores Inc.

Mr. Gregory A. Snyder '70


Mr. Harry M. Statham '60 and Mrs. Rose Statham '70

Dr. Lawrence N. Stein and Mrs. Kristina Stein

World Wide Technology, Inc.

Rev. Louis A. Youngs and Mrs. Dorothy Youngs



Mr. Randall K. Baer '72 and Patricia D. Baer '72

Mrs. Joan Barnes '53

Mrs. Deb Belsheim

Mr. Bill Biggerstaff '73 and Mrs. Judy Biggerstaff

Dr. Joseph J. Cipfl and Mrs. Linda Cipfl

Mr. Samuel J. Collins and Mrs. Teresa Collins

Mr. Kevin E. Crask '96 and Mrs. Kari R. Crask '96

Mr. Ricky D. Dennis and Mrs. Christina R. Dennis

Mr. Woody L. Derickson '60 and Mrs. Gail Derickson

Mr. Daniel C. Dobbins '81 (T) and Mrs. Michaelene Dobbins '81

Mr. Carl E. Draper '60 (T)

Mr. Larry Franklin and Mrs. Theresa Franklin

Gateway FC

Mr. Michael F. Gauble '66 (T) and Mrs. Kay Gauble '66

Mr. Christopher Guinn

Hardy Enterprises, LLC

Mr. R. Christopher Harriman and Mrs. Jaime B. Harriman

Mr. Harold G. Hindman

Mr. Sam L. Hipple '62 and Mrs. Judy Hipple

Mr. David B. Hoopes '89

Dr. Michael S. Hughes and Mrs. Jessica L. Hughes

Jim's Formal Wear Company

Johnny Mac's Sporting Goods

Mr. Elmer H. Kirchoff

Mr. Erik Kocher and Mrs. Linda S. Kocher

Mr. Stanley Kreisel and Mrs. Cynthia C. Kreisel

Mr. Joe H. Lanius Jr. '77 and Mrs. Janet Lanius '77

Mr. Steven W. Laur '72 and Mrs.Jeanne D. Laur

Mr. John E. Lee III '99

Mr. Timothy Toole and Ms. Jacquelyn I. Leemon '85 (T)

Mr. Steve Lidisky and Mrs. Kelli Lidisky

Mr. Carrol C. Lowe '42

Mr. Mark D. Markus '93 and Mrs. Jackie Markus

Mrs. Joyce N. Mitchell '60

Mr. Terry A. Nagel and Mrs. Veronica S. Nagel

Mr. Kip A. Pabst '83 and Mrs. Vicki L. Pabst '84

Mr. Dennis Pastor and Mrs. Veronica Pastor

Rebmann & Associates

Mr. David J. Rose '69 and Mrs. Gloria Rose

Mrs. Shirley Schaefer '60

Mr. Jeffrey Siegel

Dr. Valerie L. Thaxton '76 (T)

Tyler Painting Company

Union United Methodist Church

Col. William D. Wesselman, USAF '74 and Mrs. Christine R. Kilman



(*) Deceased

(T) Trustee