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Auffenberg Dealer Group

Mr. James K. Forrler '65

Mr. Harry M. Statham '60 and Mrs. Rose Statham '70

TheBANK of Edwardsville





Mr. Garry W. Henson II and Mrs. Kathleen Henson

Ron Herrin Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mr. Mark Mestemacher (T) and Mrs. Carol Mestemacher

Mathis, Marifian, & Richter, LTD.

Mr. George W. Obernagel III '78 (T)

Mr. Jerry W. Phillips and Mrs. Maryhelen Phillips

Vandalia Bus Lines

Stolze Printing


Curt Smith Sporting Goods, Inc.

Hawk Development Company, LLC

Mr. Robert Manche and Mrs. Betty Manche


Pedtke Farms

Mr. Tim Pedtke and Mrs. Leslie Pedtke

Poettker Construction

S & A Equipment & Builders, LLC

Mr. John H. Sanders III '73 and Mrs. Mary Sanders

Sodexo, Inc




Mr. John Baldyga and Mrs. Jackie Baldyga

Bank of O'Fallon

Mr. Ronald C. Banko

Barrier Reef Pools, LLC

Mr. Bill Biggerstaff '73 and Mrs. Judy Biggerstaff

Mr. Samuel Bowlby and Mrs. Jessica Bowlby

Mr. Charles E. Brueggemann '88 and Mrs. Susan A. Brueggemann

Byrne & Jones Construction

Dr. Linda Cassens (T)

Clifton Larson Allen

Mr. Kenneth A. Coplen '87 and Mrs. Lesley Coplen '86

Da-Com Corporation

Mr. Woody L. Derickson '60 and Mrs. Gail Derickson

DJM Transport NY Co., Inc. 

Mr. Daniel C. Dobbins '81 (T) and Mrs. Michaelene Dobbins '81

Eddies Travel Center

Ennis Custom Homes LLC

Grey Eagle Distributors

Farmers & Merchants National Bank

Mrs. Louise A. Franke

Gateway Baseball L.L.C

Mr. Michael F. Gauble '66 (T) and Mrs. Kay Gauble '66

Mr. Douglas Geyer and Mrs. Cynthia Geyer

Mr. Gary Graham and Mrs. Lucia K. S. Graham

Mr. Michael S. Hatley and Mrs. Patricia Hatley

Holland Construction Services

Husch Balckwell

Mr. Paul D. Kettwich '73 and Mrs. Myrna Kettwich

Mr. Daniel J. Lett '91 (T) and Mrs. Pauline Lett

Dr. Sheila Lischwe

M & M Trucking Consultants, Inc. 

M.O.W. Printing Inc. 

Dr. Adam Martinez

Mr. Edward R. McGlyn '68 (T) and Mrs. Jeanne K. McGlyn '70

Memorial Hospital

Mr. E. B. Miller and Mrs. Jennifer Miller

Mr. Kip A. Pabst '83 and Mrs. Vicki L. Pabst '84


SDS Stores Inc.

 St. Louis Commuinty Foundation

Union United Methodist Church

Mr. Joseph H. Uyehara and Mrs. Judy P. Uyehara

World Wide Technology, Inc.

Rev. Louis A. Youngs and Mrs. Dorothy M. Youngs


All American Gymnastics, INC

Mr. Larry Arrowood and Mrs. Marla Arrowood

Associated Physicians Group

Backspin Golf

Mr. Randall K. Baer '72 and Mrs. Diane Baer '72

Mrs. Joan Barnes '53

Ms. Gina Berrones

Mr. Tyler Breed

Dr. James L. Bunge '74

Mr. Robbie Calhoun and Mrs. Carol Calhoun

Mr. Kevin E. Crask '96 and Mrs. Kari R. Crask '96

Dr. Loy Dale Cruse '55 andMrs. Peggy Cruse '61

Ms. Gina Dailey

Ms. Cindy Davis

Mr. Richard R. DeLaVega

Mr. Louis Diberardino Jr. and Mrs. Krista Diberardino

Mr. Carl E. Draper '60 (T)

Mr. Timothy S. Farrell and Mrs. Andrea C. Farrell

Mr. Tom Hahlen

Mr. Sam L. Hipple '62 and Mrs. Judy Hipple

Mr. Dennis Hoguet and Mrs. Laura Hoguet

Mr. Thomas E. Holloway (T) and Mrs. Lisa Holloway

John Hoadley Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Jim's Formal Wear Company-Corporate Headquarters

Mr. Sylvester O. Korte Jr. '65 and Mrs. Kay E. Korte

Mr. Timothy Toole and Ms. Jacquelyn I. Leemon '85 (T)

Mr. Carrol C. Lowe '42

Mr. Gregory M. Meier and Mrs. Patricia A. Meier

Mr. Donald L. Metzger (T) and Mrs. Marlene Metzger

Adaline Moore

Mr. Bryan Myers and Mrs. Cindy Myers

New York Life Foundation

Mr. David Petersen and Mrs. Clare Petersen

Mr. Ted Ray and Mrs. Amy Ray

Mr. Ryan Ross and Mrs. Debra Ross

Mr. Harvey Rubin and Mrs. Kay Rubin

Mrs. Shirley Schaefer '60

Mr. Adam Sampson and Dr. Jean M. Scheller-Sampson '83

Steele Enterprises LLC

Dr. Lawrence N. Stein and Mrs. Kristina Stein

Stella Marine, INC

 Mr. Jeffrey R. Strieker '92 and *Mrs. Alicia M. Strieker '92

Mr. Herman Tatum

Dr. Valerie L. Thaxton '76 (T)

Tyler Painting Company

UMB Bank


USI Midwest

Vision Transport Inc.

Mr. Jeff Wahl and Mrs. Diana Wahl

Mr. James Thomas and Ms. Janis Williams



(*) Deceased

(T) Trustee