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Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes.  It develops theories and discovers laws to understand, explain, predict, and change behavior.  Students in psychology will develop the ability to express themselves in oral and written form and to think critically about human behavior, including causes, development, and outcomes.  Also, students will gain a greater self-awareness, an understanding of others, and some fundamental skills relevant to behavior change.  The degree prepares students to enter graduate school in psychology and other relevant areas (for example, Industrial Organization, School/Community, Child, Social, Health Psychology, Counseling, Clinical social work, Occupational Therapy, Sport Psychology, Law, Divinity, and Criminal Justice.)  Psychology majors go on to a variety of careers, including mental health clinics, crisis centers, substance abuse programs, social work agencies, eldercare facilities, human resources and personnel departments, criminal justice facilities, and the educational system.

Psychology Major Courses


PSY 153 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 315 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 370 Psychology of Human Sexuality

PSY 380 Military Psychology

PSY 401 Social Psychology 

PSY 405 Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSY 465 Sport and Health Psychology

PSY 494 Statistics and Statistical Software for the Behavioral Sciences

PSY 496 Research Methods & Senior Thesis

PSY 498 Senior Survey in Psychology


McKendree University requires a minimum of 120 credit hours for degree completion.  50 of those hours must be at the university level, with 40 of them at the 300 or 400 level and a minimum of 32 hours with McKendree.  All students must pass a writing proficiency exam prior to graduation.  Students must fulfill the general education requirements.


General Education Courses


Art or Music

CSI 120 Computing Concepts and Apps.

ENG 111 Composition I

ENG 112 Composition II


HIS 262 US History Since 1865

PSY/SOC/PSI - 6 hrs from 2 of 3 areas

Philosophy or Religion

MTH 105 Intermediate Algebra

MTH 310 Statistics

HPE 158 Health and Wellness

SPC 310 Bus & Professional Presentations

BIO 101 Introductory Biology with Lab

SCE 205 Earth and Astronomical Science


Course Format

Courses are delivered entirely online using the course management system BlackBoard.  All courses for the online psychology program are offered over an eight week period.  Many students choose to take two courses during each eight week session.


Tuition for the online psychology program is $360 per credit hour.  All online courses have a $60 per credit hour fee. Total cost is $420 per credit hour for the online psychology program.

Military student eligible for Tuition Assistance will receive a discounted tuition of $250 per credit hour.

Financial Aid  

Follow these steps to have your eligibility determined for all financial aid including loans:

1.   Complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at  You will be using the previous year's Federal Income Tax forms.

2.   List McKendree University on the FAFSA.  McKendree's school code is 001722.  ISAC will then send you a letter indicating your eligibility for any State Aid.  You may be eligible for State Aid even though you are not eligible for Federal Aid.  Please file your FAFSA as soon as possible.  State budget limitations at times cause funding shortages.  (The reference to 'State Aid' is implied for only those students residing in Illinois.)

3.   You will receive a SAR (Student Aid Report).

4.   Once the student has registered for classes, McKendree's Office of Financial Aid will review your SAR to determine your eligibility.  There may be additional paperwork to complete at this time.  The Office of Financial Aid will notify you of what is needed.  Once all documentation is received, an award letter will be prepared and sent to you.

To check on the status of your FAFSA you may call:  1-800-433-3243.

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

McKendree University gives careful consideration to your previous coursework and will transfer in as many credits as possible.  Courses are individually evaluated to determine which are transferable and what requirements have been met.  Transcripts will be evaluated by the Office of Academic Records and the Division Chair of the department.

Official evaluations are completed once you have been admitted to McKendree University.  McKendree Online staff can provide you with an unofficial evaluation at your request.  Please note the following:

•   Only courses with a letter grade of 'C' or better may be accepted in transfer.   Pass/fail courses will not be accepted.

•   At least 120 credit hours are required for graduation, with a minimum of 50 hours from a 4-year institution, 32 of which must be from McKendree.

•   You may receive a maximum of 70 credit hours in transfer from a two-year institution, including credit for military experience (with transcripts), CLEP, AP and DANTES.

•   Up to 96 credit hours may be accepted in transfer from an accredited 4-year institution.

•   Proficiencies earned at other institutions are not accepted.

Send transcripts to:

McKendree University
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