Tuition and Fees

Estimated Total Cost

Estimated Cost of Attendance for McKendree at the Lebanon campus.

Academic Textbooks and Clinical Books

Textbooks for didactic classes $600.00-1100.00/year; Clinical Booklets $6.00-15.00/each clinical.

E-Value Electronic Data System

Students pay a minimum of $80.00/year while in the athletic training program.

Red Cross Certifications

CPR for the Professional Rescuer Re-Certification $19.00 every 2 years.

Background Check

Student must complete an initial background check when admitted to the program (minimum $40.00). Students may be required to complete an additional background check when participating in any off-site clinical rotation.


2 pair of dress khaki shorts (cargo shorts are not allowed). Length is determined by placing arm at side and marking where long finger (middle finger) ends.


Students must have use of a vehicle when completing two of the required clinical experiences. Typical round trip to site is less than or equal to 100 miles. Students spend 3-5 days a week, minimum of two hours per day average over the course of the semester when completing clinical experience.



Office of Financial Aid

Athletic Training Student Scholarship Guidelines and Application Process

Scholarships are awarded yearly. The following criteria are considered when awarding a scholarship:

•   Academic GPA (current and cumulative)

•   Athletic Training Education Experiences

•   Financial Need

ATEP grant scholarships will be based on McKendree University charges minus other sources of aid not to exceed actual McKendree University charges.

All students applying for scholarships must be in compliance with the following guidelines:

•   Minimum sophomore level academically and currently accepted as a student in the athletic training education program

•   Academically eligible for a scholarship (Institution guidelines as well as ATEP guidelines)

•   Enrolled as a full-time student

Applications for scholarships take place during the spring of each year (provide link to form). Applications must be returned to Lance Ringhausen by May 1st. Each student must complete the following:

•   ATEP scholarship application form. Scholarships are awarded yearly. All students must complete a new application every year in order to be considered for scholarship renewal (funding amounts are not guaranteed from year to year).  

•   FAFSA application.

•   McKendree University Financial Aid Data Form.