224 W. St. Louis St., Lebanon, Illinois

224 W. St. Louis St., Lebanon, Illinois

McKendree University Gallery of Art

Jane 2014 Get Out! Paint Out!

The McKendree University Gallery of Art hosted a “plein air” painting event August 2-3 in Lebanon, IL. Twenty-five artist participants traveled to Lebanon from around the greater St. Louis metropolitan region, and from as far away as Indianapolis, IN. Fifty-three paintings created during the event are on exhibit in the gallery from August 14-September 27. Gallery visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite paintings in the show. Peoples’ Choice awards for first, second, and third place will be announced at the reception on August 21st.

“En plein air” is a term meaning “in the open air”, and was popularized in the mid to late 19th century by painters of the French Barbizon and Impressionist schools. These artists found it increasingly important to work in a natural setting and to paint what they saw. In the 21st century, painting “en plein air” takes on the aspect of a public art project; engendering curiosity from the general population, dispelling misconceptions about the artistic process, and fostering pride of place.



Photos courtesy of Susan Meister and the Lebanon Advertiser.


Pick up a copy of the Lebanon Advertiser to read what people in Lebanon are saying about our event: 


The McKendree University Gallery of Art is located at 224 Saint Louis Street in historic Lebanon, Illinois. Please contact us at gallery@mckendree.edu to request a tour.

Exhibitions and receptions are free and open to the public.


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Stop in between 1-4 Thursday through Saturday. One of our gallerists will be happy to show you the current work on display.



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Contact us to reserve the gallery for your special function. The gallery is an ideal venue for presentations of up to 30 people. 

Previous Talks: 

Tuesday, March 26 at 6:00 p.m.

Welcome to the Big Leagues

Emmalee Shelton, a former McKendree student and founder of Autism Creates, will speak in the gallery about her experiences in working with special needs students. Ms. Shelton curated the exhibition An Exceptional Art Show and has many engaging stories to tell about the creation and the creators of the beautiful and interesting work currently on exhibit in the gallery.

February 2013

From Cage to Cardiff: Introducing the Art of Sound

This one-hour seminar will include an introductory lecture on the history of sound art, looking at some of the key artists, concepts, and technologies associated with the genre. Presenter Christopher Ottinger will demonstrate using experimental musical instruments of his own creation.

March 2013

The Evolution of the Western Female Silhouette: AKA The Corset Talk

The Evolution of the Western Female Silhouette:  AKA The Corset Talk addresses the five hundred year history of women, as seen through the manipulation and control of their bodies. Audience members will be invited to participate in hands-on demonstrations of historical undergarment reproductions.

Susan Handler utilizes the arts as an educational resource tool to investigate and communicate social cultural, gender topics, government policies, and humanitarian and environmental issues.