Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC)

The McKendree University Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC) was commissioned by President Dr. James M. Dennis in 2015. The committee of students, faculty, and staff strives to promote knowledge and understanding among all members of the McKendree University community about issues of diversity, inclusion, social justice, and equity. Mr. Ranadore Foggs, director of Public Safety, serves as chair of the SJEC.

McKendree University has affirmed a statement by The National Association of Schools, Colleges, and Universities of The United Methodist Church, pledging a commitment to host "a series of conversations on concerns of justice and dignity" and to take explicit action to "prioritize and reshape its policies and institutional culture to foster more fully the dignity of all people." The SJEC provides leadership for these important initiatives.

SJEC Mission

McKendree University values the dignity and sacred worth of all members of our community. To achieve this end, the Social Justice and Equity Committee engages diverse members of McKendree University in meaningful activities to promote positive and sustained relationships among all persons inclusive of race/ethnicity, gender, religion, social class, sexuality, and all other aspects of the human experience.


The SJEC sponsors various activities throughout the year including speakers, workshops, and Brown Bag sessions about diversity, inclusion, social justice, and equity for the campus community.

A signature program of the SJEC is the hosting of dialogue groups called "Connection Groups." Connection Groups are small groups (approximately 5-8 members) of students, faculty, and staff who engage in weekly dialogue about diversity and social justice issues under the guidance of a trained student, faculty, or staff facilitator, called a "change ambassador." Although Connection Groups follow a standard agenda from week to week, the focus of discussions varies within each group, depending upon the needs and interests of individual members. If you are interested in joining a Connection Group or serving as a change ambassador, contact Mr. Ranadore Foggs, chair of the SJEC.

Read a letter from Dr. James M. Dennis to the McKendree University community regarding the formation of Connection Groups.


SJEC Presents Series

The McKendree University President’s Social Justice and Equity Committee (SJEC) proudly introduces “McKendree University’s Conversations on Social Justice in America and Abroad.” Beginning in the months of September, October, November from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m., on the first floor of Holman Library. The SJEC and special guest speakers will conduct an open campus dialogue focusing on social justice issues that greatly influence the lives of people in our local communities, our nation and the world.

The following topics are selected for group discussion on each Wednesday until the school holiday break and continuing into the spring semester: 


9/13: What Happened to DACA – Dr. Aurelie Capron, Dr. Jennifer Guillen, Dr. Melissa Barfield, Dr. Ann Collins

9/20: When Can We Stop Talking About Race?  – Dr. Pamela Manning, Shaquille Armstrong

9/27: “Sister” Empowerment, Elevation of Black Women’s Leadership – Dr. Jackie Kemp


10/4: Higher Education, Escape From Poverty – Dr. Melissa Barfield

10/11: The Policing of Black Men and Minority Communities in America – Dr. Jennifer Webster

10/18: Black Lives Matter, A Debate or Dialogue – Dr. Ann Collins

10/25: Gender Equality, A Social Justice Issue –Shruti Desai


11/1: NAACP Travel Ban to Missouri – Brent Reeves

11/8: Minorities and Self-Empowerment Strategies – Shaquille Armstrong

11/15: Use of the “N” and the “B” Word, In Perspective – Brent Reeves