Wonders of Wellness (W.O.W.)

Wellness ModelThe mission of the Wonders of Wellness organization is to provide opportunities for members to develop both professionally and personally through planning, implementation, and participation in health and wellness-related events, programs, and activities in all eight dimensions that foster learning, professional development, and personal wellness.

The Eight Dimensions (aka the Onstott Model, shown to the right)

In order to be truly well you must find balance within all of the eight dimensions. 

Any one is eligible to become a member of W.O.W.  Membership is required for some Health & Wellness core classes, but not the electives.  It is highly recommended that Health & Wellness majors join.  The fee is $5.00 per semester.  If you choose to pay for the year ($10.00 at start of Fall Semester), members will receive a free T-shirt.