College Level Model UN Conferences

Photo of Libya Delegation, Fall 2010McKendree students in the Model UN program not only run a conference for high schools, but they also participate in Model UN conferences on the college level. Each fall we attend the American Model United Nations (AMUN) in Chicago.

Students attending these conferences enroll in a course and receive academic credit for the research and preparation necessary to succeed. These conferences help students learn more about international affairs and enable them to act as delegates and represent positions from countries across the world. In recent years we have represented France, Argentina, Germany, North Korea, Palestine, the United States, Russia, China, Israel, Pakistan, India, Japan, and Nigeria. 

Preparation for the conferences includes several research sessions about the history and policies of the country students will represent. Students also write a position paper and attend mock sessions to learn the necessary parliamentary procedure. The conferences cover a wide variety of topics, from terrorism, weapons proliferation and genocide to disease, women's rights, economic development and climate change.

Each conference lasts four days. Students do not have to pay for hotel rooms or meals. Western business attire is required and strong participation is expected from all. While much of the time is spent within committee, McKendree students have time to also visit the city as well. For more information please email