McKendree Cheerleading

Cheerleading TeamMcKendree University’s Cheerleading Program has steadily grown over the years to become one of the largest and most successful in Illinois and the St. Louis Metropolitan area. Our mission is to provide a positive life experience through physical, emotional, and academic development. Ultimately, we aspire to prepare our athletes for life after college by helping them reach their full potential not only as athletes, but as well-rounded students and productive citizens, as well. To achieve this goal, we commit to teaching and developing valuable life skills such as confidence, commitment, self-respect, teamwork, discipline, and responsibility through practices, community service, and other meaningful experiences.

The squad currently consists of 40 members who are broken down into 3 teams: 2 nationally competitive teams and 1 game day team. The Game Day squad cheers at all home football games, as well as men’s and women’s basketball. Both the Purple and Gold competitive squads cheer at all home football games and selected men's and women's basketball games in addition to competing at NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, FL every April. All teams will participate in various performances and events throughout the year, as well. Click here to watch some videos of past performances!

Interested in Becoming a Bearcat Cheerleader?

We offer the opportunity for all interested athletes to visit a practice or other event at any point in the year to interact with our current team and get a feel for the program - Feel free to contact us to schedule your visit. We ask that you apply and get accepted before officially trying out.

Tryout Information


Why McKendree Cheerleading?

Sami Kassen '18, Breese, IL

“This cheerleading program played a big part in the success of my college career.  I immediately gained a family and support system that helped me transition into college life smoothly. Also, being involved with this program kept me on track in my studies to maintain a competitive GPA.”

Haley Doersam '18, Bunker Hill, IL

"The cheerleading program at McKendree University has given life-long friends, but has also taught me how to handle a leadership role in life.  Forever grateful for being a part of this program."  

Kaylee Murry '20, Carlyle, IL

“I love being in a program that is so supportive and encouraging to each other.  It's more effective to be in program where everyone is focused on the same end goal.”

Molly Bartels '21, Jerseyville, IL

"The cheerleading program has completely changed my life.  It has given me a second family full of life-long friends." 


Available Scholarships

Awarded to students regardless of major field of study for co-curricular participation in the McKendree Cheerleading Program in the amount of $3,000 per year. These awards will stack on top of academic scholarships. Learn what level of academic awards you can qualify for by visiting the Academic Scholarship Page.