Fitness Center Policies

***SPRING 2019:  These policies are currently in the process of being revised as we move towards providing swipe card entry and expanded access hours to the facility.


  • All visitors and their guests, McKendree or otherwise, must surrender picture identification upon entering the facility. No equipment shall be used without proper identification, i.e. McKendree Student ID, or Driver’s License.

Picture identification will be returned when you leave the Weight and Cardio Room.

  • Shirts, closed-toe athletic shoes, and proper athletic attire must be worn at all times. A sports bra does not count as a shirt in this area.
  • Shirts must be worn over sports bras while working out in this area.
  • No cleats of any kind are to be worn in the weight and cardio room.
  • Please respect the facility and the rights of others who may be using the facility.
  • Users are responsible for all valuables and personal items. Personal items (backpacks, purses, jackets) should be stored in a cubby space.
  • Users should not attempt to use equipment on which they have not received instruction. User should ask the attendant on duty if instruction is needed.
  • Weight and Cardio Room equipment is NOT allowed to leave the fitness areas.
  • Chalk is prohibited.
  • Users should immediately report any injury or facility/equipment problems to the attendant on duty.
  • Users must remove and rack all weights after using a piece of equipment. Dumbbells must be returned to the proper storage station.
  • Users should not move equipment around, or modify equipment in any way.
  • Users must not rest weights on the benches between sets.

Plates are not to be used as platforms or steps

Refrain from stepping on benches.

  • Slamming or dropping of free weights is prohibited. Weights should not be leaned against walls, glass, or equipment.
  • Spotters are encouraged when appropriate.
  • Users must obey all the time limits placed on equipment during peak times.

Please limit cardio workout time to 40 minutes if during peak times or if others are waiting.

  • Screaming or use of offensive language will not be tolerated in the facility.
  • Equipment shall not be removed from the area for any reason.
  • Users should wipe down equipment used with provided disinfectant wipes.
  • Radio station selection and volume will be monitored and only changed by the attendant on duty.
  • Audio equipment is prohibited unless it is a personal unit with headphones.
  • Use exercise machines and equipment only for their intended use.
  • The following are strictly prohibited:

Disorderly conduct, including profane and indecent language, verbal/physical abuse or harassment is cause for immediate removal from the facility and possible loss of privileges. Actions may result in disciplinary proceedings as stated in the Campus Regulations and Judicial Procedures Document of the McKendree Student Handbook.

Food and Gum

Beverages not in a sealable plastic container.

Alcohol or drugs

Individuals under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Tobacco products of any kind, including e-cigarettes

Pets (excluding service animals)

Bikes, skateboards, or in-line skates – please use the racks outside

Spitting or intentionally creating health hazards

Fighting, grappling, or any inappropriate physical activity.

  • Photographs and video without the individual’s permission are prohibited.
  • Photography and video for academic purposes will require the permission of the Director of Campus Recreation and the Vice President for the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Lost and Found Items will be turned in to the Office of Public Safety at the end of each day.
  • Found items should be turned in at the Attendant’s Desk