Work Study Employment

The Campus Activities Office employs a number of students through the Federal Work Study system. Please see the general requirements listed below. Upon clicking the links, each position may have a full description listed. Please read through the descriptions of the positions that you are interested in. Staff members will be selected based on completion of an application, and a brief interview if necessary.


1. Must be a full time McKendree student registered for the current semester.

2. Must be able to work weekend and/or evening shifts

3. Federal Work Study preferred, however some positions may not require it.  Federal Work Student eligible students shall have a minimum of 5 hours of Federal Work Study allotted per week

4. Complete an interview if required.

5. Some positions have a GPA requirement.  See description for details.

6. Complete necessary paperwork and training if hired.

7. Additional requirements may be listed by position.  See description for details.


Salary, Benefits, and Outcomes

1. Minimum wage
2. Exposure to a fun and active environment on campus!

3. Demonstrate effective written and verbal communication skills

4. Enhance time management, problem solving, and teamwork skills

5. Understand and apply professional and ethical responsibility

6. Gain practical work experience as related to one's major (certain positions)


Current Staff Positions (select links for full position description and to apply)


Campus Activities Office Involvement and Work Study Employment:

1. Campus Activities Board Positions - APPLY

                  • General Members (Volunteer Involvement Staff)
                  • Lead Coordinator
                  • Entertainment Coordinator
                  • Excursions Coordinator
                  • Mid-Day/Late Night Coordinator
                  • Issues & Culture Coordinator
                  • Team Bogey
                  • Homecoming & Spring Fling Coordinator
                  • Public Relations Coordinator

2.  Lair General Staff - APPLY

3.  Lair Student Manager - APPLY


Campus Recreation Employment:

1. Recreation General StaffAPPLY!

2. Campus Recreation Student Coordinator - APPLY!

3. Intramural Official Description - UNAVAILABLE