Student Contests

Photo of the Wing Bobbing Contest


Spring Fling Wing Bobbing Contest 2016!

It’s fun! It’s messy! It’s unlike any other contest held on campus! The seventh annual Wing Bobbing Contest will feature McKendree University students, faculty, and staff competitors who will bob for hot wings in a kid-size swimming pool filled with ranch dressing and chicken wings – without using their hands!

The winner gets a $50 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card, $25 Hooters Gift Card. All other competitors will receive a $25 Buffalo Wild Wings Gift Card.


Photo of the Frozen T-Shirt Contest

Frozen T-Shirt Contest 2016!


Be the first to fit into a frozen t-shirt. Wet t-shirts are scrunched and frozen. The object of this contest is to thaw the t-shirt following the guidelines below and successfully fit your body into the shirt as for normal wear. The first person to do so will be declared the winner. Each participant will get to keep their shirt, but the winner will win a $25 Gift Card!

The contest will begin at TBA in the Quad.


1. No liquid substances are allowed in designated contest area. This includes water and/or drinks of any kind.
2. No assistance from family and/or friends is allowed.
3. You are not allowed to use a pocketknife, fork, or any other sharp object on the t-shirt.
4. No one is allowed to leave the designated judging area once the contest has begun.
5. You are allowed to use your body ONLY to thaw the shirt.
6. Anyone caught pouring anything on the shirt, getting assistance from anyone, or walking away from the judging area will be disqualified.
7. If there is a tie, it is up to a coin toss to decide the winner. All decisions of the judges are final.
8. You must be at the CAB tent area at TIME TBA, or forfeit your spot in the contest.