Evidence of Student Learning

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For detailed student learning evidence:

Assessment 2.0 Evidence - This Excel spreadsheet summarizes the McKendree University Assessment 2.0 outcomes, measures, and evidence collected to date.

Assesment 2.0 Evidence

Student Learning Outcome


Primary Tool





McKendree students score at the mean or above on most engagement questions.



Graduation Exit Survey

McKendree students report high satisfaction and preparedness on questions related to responsible citizenship.

Diverse Perspectives


Diverse Perspectives Rubric

Students in general education cross cultural courses score at the "engaged" level on the majority of items.

Effective Communication


Communication Rubrics

We are piloting the communication rubrics in various courses.

Inquiry and Problem-Solving


Inquiry and Problem Solving Rubrics

Rubrics are being finalized for inquiry and problem solving.

Lifelong Learning


Graduation Exit Survey