9 Ways to Show Your Bearcat Spirit at McKendree Games and Events

Students at Leemon Field
It’s one thing to simply attend a handful of games and events during your time at college. It’s quite another to go with the intent on donning purple and white and cheering your heart out for the Bearcats throughout your time at McKendree. Showing your school spirit doesn’t just make your time at college more enjoyable and memorable – it also can help encourage others, infuse a greater sense of collaboration and motivation, and even increase your own happiness. Here are 9 easy ways you can show your Bearcat pride at games and events at McKendree!

Wear Purple and White

What’s the easiest way to show your school spirit? Take it from the McKendree Fight Song: “Honor Purple and the White” and dress up in your best McKendree gear! You can either wear official school gear, which you can find at the bookstore or sometimes snag at campus events, or you can wear plenty of purple and white! Even a McKendree t-shirt or hoodie, a pair of jeans, and either a hat or purple accessories can go a long way to showing off your Bearcat pride!

Paint Your Face

Another inexpensive way to showcase your school spirit is painting your face! Paint a Bearcat pawprint, your favorite player’s number, or even Bogey’s face on your cheek, or be bold and paint your entire face purple and white. Best of all, since Halloween is just around the corner, face paint can be easier to find – just look in the costume aisle in your local convenience store (or try a craft or party store during the rest of the year).

Cheerleaders in MPCC
Make a Game Day Banner or Poster

Like to get creative? Put your artistic skills to use by making a fun poster or banner to take to games! All you need is some poster board, craft supplies, and maybe a few friends or hallmates to put together something to cheer on the Bearcats. Take it up a level by organizing a hall-wide contest to see who can come up with the most creative poster!

Go to as Many Games as You Can

Don’t confine your school spirit to your dorm room. Get out there and head out to as many games as possible! Get your game face on and go cheer on your fellow Bearcats in football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, hockey, and lots more. Expand your horizons and check out a sport you’ve maybe never seen before like swimming, tennis, wrestling, or lacrosse. Check out www.mckbearcats.com for a complete, up-to-date schedule on the many games taking place both at McKendree and away!

Student Pride at Basketball Game

It’s not enough to simply attend the events and sit quietly (unless it’s something that requires silence like golf, for example). You need to get up and cheer your heart out for your team! Your enthusiasm and support can help make a difference and can also start a wave of school pride that everyone in the stands can feel. So, the next time the school announcer says, “Okay, Bearcat fans – ON. YOUR. FEET!!!” get up and get loud!

Attend Other School Events, Too

Who says you’re only limited sporting events? Show how much of a Bearcat you really are by checking out all sorts of events on campus! Attend band and choir concerts, enjoy shows from the theatre group, compete in campus-wide competitions, and check out events that Campus Activities Board and other school groups put on throughout the year. It’s a great way to support Bearcats from all walks of life, socialize, and get the most out of your college experience!

Volunteer at the Events

Face paint not really your thing? Demonstrate your Bearcat pride by volunteering at events and games on campus! You can help out at the refreshments stand, volunteer to run your group’s bake sale, make your voice heard in the homecoming committee, or even become a student ambassador. Volunteering isn’t just a great way to become directly involved with your school; it also looks great on job applications!

Deck out Your Car

Take your school spirit on the road whenever you travel to an away game or other school event by adding a decal, bumper sticker, or license plate frame to your car! You can find plenty of these at the bookstore or sometimes at events on campus like the Involvement Fair. Spread the love by giving a few to your friends and hallmates if you have extras!

Interact with Our Social Media

Share your photos of the game or event on Instagram, include some hashtags (like #McKendreeUniversity, #PurpleandWhite, #BearcatsUnleashed, or #Bogey), and tag @mckendreeu. Like and comment on our photos and posts on Facebook. Taking your love for your school to social media shows the campus community and the world how much spirit you have and can encourage others to do their best!

Loud voices, a strong school spirit, and attendees in a sea of purple and white can make any game just that much better at McKendree. Next time there’s a game or fun event happening on campus, try out these easy tips to make your voice heard. Go, Bearcats!