McKendree Mobile App

Developing Apps and Mobile Web Sites

University-owned apps are apps developed by university faculty, staff and other employees and contractors, with an intended distribution by McKendree University. If you are considering developing a mobile app for McKendree University audiences or for distribution by McKendree University, please contact the Information Technology department. App (applications intended for mobile devices) and mobile development require adherence to McKendree University style and identity guidelines, licensing, and distribution requirements. Faculty, staff, student employees, students, volunteers, and contractors need to work closely with I.T. when developing apps for use in the university environment. Mobile web sites are often easier to develop and distribute.  Mobile web sites should be developed with Communications and Marketing.

Partnering with University Technology Services

McK I.T. will work with you to establish connections with Communications and Marketing to incorporate style guidelines and naming conventions.

Use of McK logos and trademarks in apps or on websites outside the university must be properly licensed and have prior approval from Communications and Marketing.  We recommend meeting with your Communications and Marketing representative early in the process to identify appropriate themes, style guides, and institutional branding.

McK I.T. must be contacted if the app or mobile web site is designed to use data from any university systems.

If the app is designed to include any type of financial transaction, please contact McK I.T.. McK I.T. will coordinate compliance review in alignment with Payment Card Industry standards, and will involve the Controller or designee in the review.

McK I.T.will also work with you to review prior art to make sure your app is consistent with other university apps. We will advise you on publishing the app within the university environment.

McK I.T.will review your app and its purpose, and will work with the proper offices and/or departments to develop a license for distribution appropriate to your app.  Contracts for any development, including apps and web sites, must be approved by the appropriate offices and/or departments prior to agreement.


McK I.T.will assist by providing guidance on development and accessibility standards.

To develop or distribute apps for any mobile device, check with McK I.T. for current development and distribution guidelines and platforms.

Licensing and Distribution

There are licensing and distribution requirements that must be observed.

Anyone who develops apps independently of the university must follow the licensing and distribution requirements found on the site specific to your mobile device. Also, developers must adhere to license requirements for any third-party APIs or modules that are imbedded in the app.  

Mobile apps that are developed by contracting with an external development firm requires that the local department assume responsibility for all aspects of design compliance, style compliance, naming compliance, development, documentation, distribution, testing, and on-going support.

To distribute official University apps on the iTunes App Store, there is one McKendree University license that is administered centrally by Information Technology . Please review Apple information on the Software site.

If a distribution plan involves a separate agreement, the agreement must be submitted for approval following the software process found here (Software).


When creating apps for McKendree University, please apply usability guidelines.  The following resources may be useful:

    Accessibility Programming Guide for iOS

    Accessibility for Android


When the developer is ready for McK review, please arrange to send source code by contacting the I.T. department.