Remote Updates

April 1


Check out this webinar on "What higher education leaders need to know right now"  for great information and resources on how to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here for the webinar from the Center of Higher Education Leadership.

March 31

How to prevent "Zoombombing" (practice of interrupting Zoom meeting with inappropriate content)

Don't make meetings public. Zoom lets users make meetings private by requiring a meeting password or using a waiting room feature to control who's admitted.

Don't share a link to the meeting on a public social media post. Send the link to people directly.

Change the screen-sharing option in Zoom to "host only."

Ask people to use the latest updated version of Zoom.

Ensure your organization's telework policy addresses requirements for information security.

March 30

Virtual Support hours start today. Join us from 2-3 pm via Zoom. Check email for the link.

This could be, but not limited to:

Accessing McK services

Optimizing home Wi-Fi

Optimizing the work computer

March 27

Remote App - which houses SPSS, will be available on Monday.  Be on the look out for it on MyMcK under Remote Apps & Desktop.


March 26


To be aware, several video sharing platform companies are limiting video quality to ensure sufficient bandwidth. Please see the list below:

YouTube-  minimizing video quality to 720p - standard quality

Amazon - (In Europe) monitoring in the U.S

Apple - (In Europe) monitoring in the U.S

Netflix - (In Europe) monitoring in the U.S


March 25

 Please checkout the Keep Teaching and Keep Working pages on the IT Support Website for technology tools that can be used when you are teaching and working remotely....We have access to a variety of services at McKendree to connect you with your students and colleges remotely so that learning can continue uninterrupted.