Endowed Scholarships and Loan Funds

Endowed scholarships are awarded to full-time undergraduate students meeting donor-specified criteria.  Students are automatically considered for scholarships and do not need to submit an additional application.

We're grateful to the many alumni, parents and friends of the University who have provided gifts to establish the following endowed scholarship funds.  

If you would like more information about creating a scholarship fund to provide student tuition assistance, contact the Office of Development, Alumni and Parent Relations at (618) 537-6826.

Abbott Lab Nurses Scholarship

Dorothy Dee Adair Scholarship


Beulah M. and Milburn P. Akers Scholarship

Alton Foundation / Barth Scholarship

Edwin P. Baker Scholarship

Michelle D. Barr Scholarship

Lucille Schmidt Barton Scholarship

Endowed Scholarship Fund for Minority Students in Business (Belleville News Democrat)

Shirley and Wayne Bise Scholarship

Bertha Boettcher Trust

Louis, Wilbur and Clarence Bohm Scholarship

Bothwell Scholarship

Frieda Bowler Scholarship

Ethelyn Draser Boyd and Harry E. Boyd Scholarship

Rick Brinkman Memorial Scholarship

Britton-Hughes Memorial Scholarship

Robert H. Brown Memorial Social Science Scholarship

John and Dorothy J. Budina Scholarship

Reta Smith Buford Memorial Scholarship

Louis A. Butts Memorial Athletic Scholarship

Kenneth and Florence Dey Campbell Scholarship

Carroll Scholarship

Pamela J. Chambers Memorial Scholarship

Alice D. Classen and Russell Classen Scholarship

Esther B. Clements Scholarship

Dr. James E. Collie Scholarship

Computer Science Scholarship

Caroline Schafer Cox Scholarship

Coach L. Dale Cruse Scholarship

Peggy Jackson Cruse Scholarship

Doris and Margaret Ann Cummings Scholarship

Charles L. and Dorothy J. Daily Scholarship

Dr. H. P. Dexheimer Scholarship

Karl D. Dexheimer Family Scholarship

William and Mary Dike Scholarship

Irving Dilliard Scholarship

John and Margaret Dillinger Scholarship

Eldon Dittemore Memorial Scholarship

Diana Joyce Doros Scholarship

Loren and Irene Douthit Scholarship

Willford and Thelma Foree Eckert Scholarship

Toni K. Edwards Memorial Scholarship

Elila Fields and Isabella Fields Warren Scholarship

Fleming Associates Scholarship

Rayburn C. Fox Memorial Scholarship

Kenneth C. Frazer Memorial Scholarship

Sydney W. and Lenis Yargar Frey Memorial Scholarship

Wiley B. Garvin Scholarship

Lulu Gaskill Scholarship

James and Linda Gisondi Scholarship

Howard W. and Alice Everett Gould Scholarship

Admiral and Marion Grandfield Scholarship

Walter E. and Mildred A. Landwehr Grauel Memorial Scholarship

Estelle and Bart Greenwood Scholarship

Russell and Louise Greenwood Memorial Scholarship

Ethel Mae Haas Scholarship

Janet Leemon Hakala Scholarship

Hake Science Scholarship

William P. Hale Memorial Scholarship Fund

Eddie L. Hall Black Student Laureate Achievement Scholarship

Reverend Joseph Hall Memorial Scholarship

Hard–Plato Scholarship

David M. Hardy Scholarship

Dr. Cameron Harmon Scholarship

Lillian Hayes Scholarship

Dr. Lewis Nathaniel Head Memorial Scholarship

Ron Herrin and Homer R. Herrin Memorial Scholarship

Hodapp Scholarship Fund

William and Margaret Hodge Scholarship

Robert and Bernice Hogan Scholarship

Loren Joseph Hortin Scholarship

Arthur V. Huffman Scholarship

Fred E. Huffstetler Scholarship

Dr. Benjamin Murray Hypes Scholarship

Arthur Clarence and Zylphia May Jacobs Memorial Scholarship

Dale D. Jacobs Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Zella Jones Scholarship

Orval and Joellen Kimmle Memorial Scholarship

Delmar and Harriet Koebel Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Korb Sr. Scholarship

Korte-Fertig Scholarship

Lloyd Bohm Kriege Memorial Scholarship

William C. Krueger Scholarship

Eleanor A. Kuehn Memorial Scholarship

Louis Latzer Memorial Scholarship

Chuck Leemon Scholarship

Patricia Leemon Scholarship

Cecil C. and Agnes C. Lowe Scholarship

Consuello and Homer Luttrell Scholarship

Rachel Aidella Watson Martin Scholarship

Steven C. Marty Memorial Scholarship

Michael R. McAfee Scholarship

Standleigh Myron McClure Scholarship

McKendree College Stalwarts (1941– 45) Scholarship

L. Dean McKinley Scholarship

Mercer Endowed Scholarship

Edwin F. and Vivian V. Meyer Scholarship

Ralph W. Miller Family/Gloria J. Miller Endowed Scholarship

Bowe-Murray Memorial Scholarship

Nashville Grace United Methodist Church Scholarship

Stanley and Eleanor Oexemann Endowed Scholarship Fund for Business

Stanley Oexemann Endowed Scholarship Fund for Biology

Ogilvy-Angus Scholarship

Michael and Dorothy Ogilvy Scholarship

Pearl L. Osterhage Scholarship

Otwell Family Scholarship

Emerial L. Owen Jr. Memorial Psychology Scholarship

Parents’ Association Scholarship

George E. and Ione K. Pence Scholarship

A.W. and Frances Dotson Pitchford Memorial Scholarship

Philip H. Postel Memorial Scholarship

Irvin G. Pringle Scholarship

Malcom Randall Scholarship Fund

Regions Bank Scholarship (formerly Union Planters Scholarship)

Roland P. Rice Scholarship

Dr. Cal and Lois Ryan Scholarship

Saegesser-Church Scholarship

Bill and Gladys Sanders Scholarship

Louise Schiek Scholarship

William and Florence Schmidt Memorial Scholarship

Edith Sawyer Schnaare Scholarship

John Sheehan Memorial Volleyball Scholarship

Carrie Field Smith and Emma Lee Foree Walkup Smith Memorial Scholarship

Lieudell Smith Memorial Scholarship

Spencer Science Scholarship

Robert E. Stadge Music Scholarship

Vada Statham Memorial Scholarship

Irene Darrow Steinheimer Scholarship

Jeff “Doc” Suess and Todd Bruns Memorial Soccer Scholarship

Gerrit J. TenBrink Scholarship

Edith Flint Thrall Scholarship

Throgmorton Endowment Fund

Jack and Jerry Travelstead Endowed Scholarship

Thelma Tschudy and Clarence Tschudy Scholarship

Guy and Maxine Tucker Memorial Scholarship

William C. Turner Scholarship

Vesely Memorial Scholarship

Fay L. Waggoner Scholarship

Kenneth William and Mary Sue Walters Endowed Scholarship

Jack and Etta Jean Watters Study Abroad Scholarship

Samuel F. Wehrly Memorial Scholarship

Alexander Wildy Scholarship

Faye and Bill Williams Scholarship

Dorothy Faulkner Winterrowd Scholarship

Lewis A. Winterrowd Athletic Scholarship

Terry Lewis Winterrowd Scholarship

Dr. Joseph S. and Helen R. Koennecke Wolfram Memorial Scholarship

Jeanne Elaine Woodward Memorial Scholarship

Melvin J. and Suzannah Wright Memorial Fund

Bruce Young Memorial Scholarship

Charles Young Family Scholarship

Loren S. Young Scholarship

Roger L. Zeller Scholarship