McKendree University Graduates Receive Diplomas in Louisville June 8

(Note: The 2013 McKendree University graduates from Kentucky and Indiana are listed by hometown at the end of this release. The list names the graduate, degree, major, and honors earned. Digital photos from the commencement ceremony are posted)

Louisville, Ky. — Graduates of McKendree University’s Louisville and Radcliff campuses received their diplomas at commencement exercises held on June 8 at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Nearly 80 of the 152 members of the Kentucky campuses’ Class of 2013 participated in the ceremony.

The commencement address was given by U.S. Rep. (Ret.) Ron Lewis, 2nd Congressional District of Kentucky.

The “Spirit of McKendree Award,” given for academic excellence and community concern, went to Judy Parsley, of Louisville, who graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor of business administration degree in human resource management. Outstanding Faculty Awards were presented by the Alumni Association to Mary Ann Thompson, associate professor of nursing at the Louisville campus, and Eveline Higgs, who is the director and an instructor at the Radcliff campus.

This year McKendree University conferred a total of 909 degrees - 7 EdS, 327 master’s, 567 bachelor’s and 7 associate - on graduates who completed their degree requirements in August and December 2012 and May 2013. Commencement exercises were held at the Lebanon, Ill., campus on May 11.

McKendree University is a regionally accredited, not-for-profit, four-year institution serving adult students in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. Its curriculum offers a personalized approach to instruction, flexible scheduling, and convenient class times. The Louisville and Radcliff campuses offer an associate degree in business administration and bachelor’s degrees in business administration, marketing, accounting, management and human resources; computer information systems, information technology, nursing and organizational communications. The master’s program includes human resource management, international business, business administration, nursing management and nursing education.

McKendree University ranks among the top quarter of regional universities nationwide in the 2013 U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” edition. It is also a College of Distinction, among “America’s 100 Best College Buys,” and recognized as a “Military Friendly School” by Victory Media for 2013. Classes begin each month at both Kentucky campuses.

The 2013 McKendree University graduates from Indiana and Kentucky are:


Corydon: Janet K. Seelye, BSN, nursing.

Fort Wayne: Courtney L. Marshall, MAED, higher education administrative services; Carianne Meng, MAED, higher education administrative services.

Indianapolis: Bryce L. Krause, MAED, higher education administrative services.

Jeffersonville: Kaycee A. Nickell, MSN, nursing management.

Lexington: Michael E. MacRander, BSN, nursing.

Memphis: Michael L. Martin, AS, business administration.

New Albany: Brandy M. Trader, BSN, nursing.

Rockville: Laura L. Payne, BA, organizational communication.

Scottsburg: Reba J. Herald, BSN, nursing.


Bardstown: Leslie R. Culver, BSN, nursing.

Benton: Ericka Sue Deering, BSN, nursing.

Boaz: Pamela Carol Courtney, BSN, nursing.

Brandenburg: Stephenie V. Allivand, MBA, business administration.

Campbellsville: Linda Jo Gribbins, MSN, nursing education.

Cecilia: Pam A. Glover, BSN, nursing; Ricky J. Powers, BBA, business administration, cum laude; Ryan M. Staggs, BS, computer information systems; Amber L. Stiles, BSN, nursing.

Crestwood: Jeff C. Meredith, BBA, business administration and management, cum laude; Geri A. Sasser, BSN, nursing.

Eastview: James J. Cassel, BBA, human resource management.

Edmonton: Ashley M. Gallagher, BSN, nursing.

Elizabethtown: Gloria J. Beltre, MBA, business administration; Miguel A. Beltre, MBA, business administration; Demeteris A. Bennett, BBA, business administration; Breauna A. Cortez, AS, business administration; Jennifer A. Desario, BBA, management and human resource management, cum laude; Terry S. Dillworth, BBA, business administration; Elizabeth N. Druen, BSN, nursing; Lisa C. Hinton, AS, business administration; Robert D. Kiser, MBA, business administration; John W. McCormick, BBA, human resource management; Mitchell McLaurin, MBA, business administration; Ophelia McLaurin, MBA, business administration; Patrick M. Reid, BBA, human resource management, cum laude; Miguel E. Rivera, MBA, business administration; Sylvia F. Sullivan, BSN, nursing; Garrick W. Thomas, BBA, accounting; Lisa D. Thorn, BSN, nursing.

Fort Knox: Selvina H. Wasson, BBA, human resource management, magna cum laude.

Glasgow: Lindsey T. Jones, BSN, nursing; Tonya M. Kerney, BSN, nursing; Monica L. Winchester, BSN, nursing.

Goshen: Scott A. Amrein, MBA, business administration.

Harrodsburg: Tammie J. Bertram, MSN, nursing management.

Hodgenville: Patty A. McMahan, BBA, accounting, magna cum laude.

La Grange: Daniel Jason Hawkins, MSN, nursing education.

Lawrenceburg: Amy K. Collins, BSN, nursing.

Lebanon: Jennifer E. McCarty, BSN, nursing.

Leitchfield: Amy L. Gawarecki, MBA, business administration.

Louisville: Sarah G. Blum, BBA, human resource management; Kathy C. Cohen, BSN, nursing, magna cum laude; Angela M. Collins, BSN, nursing; Kathren H. Creech, MAED, higher education administrative services; Monica A. Dickerson, BBA, management; Maria Goratti V. D'Silva, BSN, nursing; Victoria M. Dunlap, BBA, marketing; Vinzi S.Edward, BSN, nursing, cum laude; Naomi E. Erwin, BBA, accounting, magna cum laude; James M. Erwin, BBA, business administration; Martha A. Feldkamp, BBA, management, cum laude; Henry A. Ferrell, BBA, human resource management; Leena W. Furtado, BSN, nursing; Kimberly K. Gibbs, BSN, nursing; Stacy D. Hendrix, BBA, human resource management and marketing, cum laude; Brandi L. Johnson, BSN, nursing; Logan T. Jones, BBA, accounting and business administration; Donald E. Jones, BBA, human resource management; Gerald A. Lanham, MBA, business administration; Jessy Abi Mathews, BSN, nursing; Dawn Jill Miller, MSN, nursing management; Debra K. Mudd, BSN, nursing; Judith L. Parsley, BBA, human resource management, summa cum laude; Malissia J. Pendleton, BBA, business administration and management, cum laude; M. Beth Price, MBA, business administration; Howard L. Redden, BBA, human resource management; Rebekah A. Roberts, BS, computer information systems; Jeff S. Roney, BBA, management, magna cum laude; Hawa J. Shekie, MBA, business administration; Chartia E. Shepard,BBA, human resource management and management; Rebecca A. Singer, BBA, human resource management, summa cum laude; Julia E. Smith, BBA, human resource management, summa cum laude; Shelia A. Smith, BSN, nursing; Samantha M. Strange, BBA, business administration and management; Kelly L. Vazquez, BSN, nursing; Wesley I. Whiting, MBA, business administration; Michael J. Willis, BBA, business administration, magna cum laude; Shawn L. Wilson, MBA, business administration.

Mayfield: Terri R. Abren, BSN, nursing; Julie Christine Purcell, BSN, nursing.

Mount Washington: Nichole M. Ulrich, BBA, management.

Muldraugh: Wanda E. Chapman, BBA, human resource management, cum laude.

Paducah: Beverly Ann Watkins, BSN, nursing; Mary M. White, BSN, nursing.

Prospect: Jonathan E. Rice, BBA, accounting, magna cum laude; Gary L. Smith, BBA, marketing and business administration.

Radcliff: John T. Atcher, BBA, business administration, magna cum laude; Stephanie D. Bankhead, BBA, human resource management, cum laude; Linda M. Carter, AS, business administration; Marcellus A. Chandler, MBA, business administration; Sharon A. Christian, BBA, human resource management; Tammy M. Croft, BBA, human resource management; Milton Cross, BBA, human resource management; Barry R. Dawes, MBA, business administration; Joshua D. Durr, BBA, business administration; Billy N. Farley, BBA, human resource management and business administration; Michael J. Firsich, BS, computer information systems, cum laude; Curt T. Flynn, BBA, business administration; Rudolph Garcia, MBA, business administration; James D. Gnagie, BBA, business administration; Stanley G. Hill, BBA, human resource management, cum laude; Ronald A. Hockenberry, BBA, human resource management, magna cum laude; Daniel R. Hughes, BBA, business administration; John C. Jenkins, MBA, business administration; Michael Johnson, MBA, business administration; Rodriquez O. King, MBA, business administration; Byron K. Luster, BBA, human resource management, magna cum laude; William T. Malone, BBA, human resource management; Kenneth E. Markham, MBA, business administration; Emani T. Masaniai, MBA, business administration; Erica E. Mason, AS, business administration; Kevin E. McGee, MBA, business administration; Darick P. Murphy, BS, information technology; Janet M. Newell, BBA, human resource management; Jesus E. Paganferrer, BBA, human resource management and business administration; Annette M. Redd, BBA, human resource management; Kimberlie S. Sparks, BBA, business administration; Mark S. Walker, BBA, human resource management; Elbert E. Weese, BS, computer information systems, cum laude; David E. Whitfield, MBA, business administration.

Rineyville: Thomas R. Brooks, BBA, human resource management, magna cum laude; Regina L. Mash, BSN, nursing.

Shelbyville: Kimberlee S. Gillespie, MAED, higher education administrative services; Matthew A. Keens, BBA, accounting.

Simpsonville: Michele McCallion-Christner, BSN, nursing, magna cum laude.

Smiths Grove: Shea M. Wilson, BSN, nursing.

Springfield: Betty J. Grigsby, BSN, nursing.

Taylorsville: Darrell S. Keeling, MBA, business administration.

Versailles: Deborah L. Kuntz, BSN, nursing.

Vine Grove: Dennis M. Black, BS, information technology, cum laude; Roger D. Blair, BBA, human resource management, cum laude; Mindy A. Boykin, BBA, human resource management; Lakeia N. Clay, BBA, human resource management; Sonya M. Cothern, AS, business administration; Jason W. Dunn, MSN, nursing management; Pedro J. Garced, BS, information technology; Virgal F. Golden, AS, business administration; Christa M. Goodman, BBA, business administration and human resource management; Ashley N. Grooms, BS, computer information systems; Mark K. Harris, BBA, human resource management; Kimberly M. Hogue, BBA, management; Michael W. Johnson, BBA, human resource management, magna cum laude; Martina B. Mills, BSN, nursing; Mary A. Oxendine, MBA, business administration; Jerry M. Peterson, MBA, business administration; Haril E. Rains, Jr., BBA, human resource management, business administration; David A. Shepherd, BS, information technology, magna cum laude; Barry Walters, BS, information technology; Youlanda D. Williams, MBA, business administration; Robert L. Wilson, MBA, business administration.

West Paducah: Rachel Elizabeth Mattingly, BSN, nursing, summa cum laude.

White Mills: Bobbie Jo Hudson, MBA, business administration.


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