McKendree University Kentucky Graduates Receive Their Diplomas

Louisville & Radcliff, Ky. — The Class of 2014 graduates of McKendree University’s Louisville and Radcliff campuses received their diplomas and awards were presented at commencement exercises held on June 7 at the First Christian Church in Elizabethtown.

In recognition of the Kentucky campuses’ 40th anniversary, a reception was held beforehand to honor 24 outstanding alumni. Mary Ann Thompson, retiring associate professor of nursing, was also recognized.

The “Spirit of McKendree Award,” nominated by faculty members to recognize academic excellence and community concern, went to Quincy Poynter of Vine Grove, who received a bachelor’s degree in information technology. After retiring from the Air Force, he took classes at the Radcliff campus while raising a family and coaching youth softball and soccer. Noting his commitment, focus, persistence and self-discipline, his instructors have inspired him to pursue master’s and doctoral degrees with the ultimate goal of teaching at the college level.

Outstanding Faculty Awards were presented by the Alumni Association to Dr. Mostafa Mostafa, an associate professor in the Computing Division at the Radcliff campus; and alumnus Craig Fairfield, who teaches business courses part-time at the Louisville campus.

Dr. Mostafa has taught in the information technology and computer information systems program for five years. He is a published technical expert in his field, frequently sought out by his students and by the IT industry as a consultant. Students describe him as a dedicated, passionate, caring and informative professor.

Fairfield received a bachelor’s degree in marketing and master’s degree in international business from McKendree University. He is an account executive at Wax Custom Communication and an associate faculty member at the Louisville campus, where he has taught various business courses for six years. Students praise not only his experience and knowledge but also his laid back attitude and sense of humor, which create a positive, fun learning environment.

This year McKendree University conferred a total of 908 degrees—307 master’s, 597 bachelor’s and four associate degrees—on graduates at all campuses (117 from Louisville and Radcliff) who completed their degree requirements in August and December 2013, and in May and July 2014. One-hundred-sixty-one graduated with honors: 38 summa cum laude, 76 magna cum laude and 47 cum laude. Commencement was held at the Lebanon, Ill., campus on May 10.

McKendree University’s Louisville and Radcliff campuses offer an associate degree in business administration and bachelor’s degrees in business administration, marketing, accounting, management and human resources; computer information systems, information technology, nursing and organizational communications. The master’s program includes human resource management, international business, business administration, nursing management and nursing education.

The 2014 McKendree University graduates of the Louisville and Radcliff campuses are:


Kaunakakai: Christopher P. Gruber, BBA, human resource management.


New Albany: Timothy N. Griffin, AS, business administration.

Palmyra: Beth A. Tourney-Shelton, MBA, business administration.


Bardstown: Robert Brad Cecil, MBA, business administration; Teresa A. Perkins, BSN, nursing.

Bloomfield: Crystal D. Hazelwood-Taylor, BSN, nursing.

Brandenburg: Kellee L. Duke, BSN, nursing; Shawn G. Hughes, Jr., BS, computer information systems; Debra D. Matthews, BSN, nursing.

Campbellsville: Nena A. Hoenck, MSN, nursing management.

Columbia: Lea B. Coots, BSN, nursing.

Elizabethtown: Debra Bennett, BBA, human resource management; Richard D. Dalton, MBA, business administration; Matthew T. Davis, BBA, management; Tiffany D. Goodrode, BBA, human resource management and business administration, cum laude; Vanessa B. Huff, MBA, business administration; Milton T. McCary Jr., BS, information technology; Jeffrey W. Newman, BSN, nursing, magna cum laude; Georgie L. Riffe, MBA, business administration; Kenneth W. Sallee, BS, information technology, summa cum laude; Jonathan C. Simpson, BS, computer information systems, summa cum laude; Jayne K. Snider, BS, information technology, magna cum laude; Alisha M. Urzua, BBA, human resource management, cum laude; David Vice, BBA, management, summa cum laude; James E. Williams, BS, information technology; Michael L. Wright, MBA, business administration or human resource management; Thomas D. Taylor, BBA, management, magna cum laude.

Flaherty: Jason W. Dunn, MSN, nursing management.

Fort Knox: Damon V. Gordon, BBA, business administration.

Frankfort: Lisa Gaile Wiard, MSN, nursing management.

Greensburg: Lauren E. Ford, BSN, nursing.

Harrodsburg: Christopher A. Simpson, BBA, marketing.

Hodgenville: Tara M. Johnson, BBA, human resource management, cum laude.

Jefferson: Angela L. Offutt, BBA, human resource management.

Lawrenceburg: Susan E. Reffett, MSN, nursing management.

Lexington: Timothy E. Winterfeld, MSN, nursing education.

Louisville: Naklesa T. Brock, BSN, nursing; Melissa L. Burchett, MSN, nursing education; Sarah K. Clark, MBA, business administration; Dawn M. Cochran, BBA, business administration, cum laude; Tanisha Lynn Colon, BSN, nursing; Alisha C. Cooper, MBA, business administration; Richard K. DeVore, BBA, business administration, magna cum laude; Anna M. Diehl, BBA, human resource management, cum laude; Rodney Farmer, BBA, human resource management; Deborah Y. Hoskins, BSN, nursing; Jessica L. Hundley, MBA, business administration; Tahirah Z. Johnson, BSN, nursing; Katherine L. Markuson, MBA, business administration; Michael L. Martin, BBA, accounting and business administration; Marcia L. McFarland, BSN, nursing; Desira C. Miller, BSN, nursing; Tina L. Minor-Moss, MBA, business administration; Odette Mukamurambizi, BSN, nursing; Ryan D. Newton, BBA, accounting, magna cum laude; Theresa R. Riley, MSN, nursing management; Joshua A. Rutledge, BBA, management, cum laude; Shaun C. Sammons, BBA, management; Autumn R. Schnurr, MSN, nursing management; Johnna C. Nalley Shown, BSN, nursing; Jamie L. Simpson, MSN, nursing management; Karen M. Slimp, BSN, nursing; Justin T. Smith, BBA, accounting, summa cum laude; Robin E. Stigall, BBA, business administration; Samantha M. Strange, MBA, business administration; Donna G. Triplett, MSN nursing management; Kristina M. Trzcinski, MBA, business administration; Katrinka F. Whitney, BSN, nursing.

Mount Washington: Andrea D. Renfrow, MSN, nursing management.

Owenton: Ruth P. Kingkade, BSN, nursing.

Radcliff: Thomas R. Berchiolli, BBA, management and human resource management, magna cum laude; LaCeesha R. Clark, BBA, human resource management; Evon D. Gould, BBA, human resource management; Michael D. Henderson, BBA, human resource management; Regina B. House, BS, computer information systems; Bryant R. Jackson, BBA, business administration; Denell R. Jones-Smith, BS, information technology; Heather N. Laitinen, AS, business administration; Erica Mason, BBA, human resource management; Gary A. McCown, BSN, nursing; Sheila D. Newby, BBA, management, cum laude; Mishell L. Nibert, BBA, management; Nora L. Nunnally, BBA, human resource management; Mary A. Oxendine, MBA, business administration; Teran D. Robinson, BBA, business administration; Lance E. Shore, BS, information technology, summa cum laude; Linda L. Vessels, BSN, nursing; Daniela Walters, BSN, nursing; Richard F. Wells, BS, information technology; Lamar D. Whatley, BBA, human resource management.

Rineyville: Gayle Andrews, BBA, business administration; Robert E. Cagle, MBA, business administration; Paul M. Denham, MBA, business administration; John P. Haarala, BBA, human resource management, magna cum laude; Jason L. Jarstfer, BBA, human resource management, magna cum laude; Joseph E. Salisbury, AS, business administration; Charles J. Tomberlin, BBA, human resource management, summa cum laude.

Sanders: Allison L. Napier, MBA, business administration.

Shelbyville: Sherri D. Sipes Marston, MSN, nursing education; Stefanie C. Zoeller, BSN, nursing.

Summer Shade: Karla A. Savage, BSN, nursing.

Tompkinsville: Samantha L. Stewart, BSN, nursing.

Upton: Kara J. Smith, MSN, nursing management.

Vine Grove: Mindy A. Boykin, BBA, human resource management; Wilziane W. Buissereth, BBA, human resource management; William C. Collins Sr., MBA, business administration; Joseph A. Heckinger, MBA, business administration; Kelly B. Maxwell, AS, business administration; Ronnie W. McCormack, BBA, management, summa cum laude; John V. Neleski, BBA, management, magna cum laude; Lawrence M. Ohmes, MBA, business administration; Quincy Poynter, BS, information technology; Wayne A. Rivers, BBA, business administration; Otis C. Sanders Jr., BBA, business administration.


Buffalo: Lisa M. Lee, BSN, nursing


Panama City: Gerardo Menal, BBA, accounting



Photo of 2014 Faculty Awards

Outstanding Faculty Award winners Dr. Mostafa Mostafa and Craig Fairfield

Photo of Spirit of McKendree Award 2014

“Spirit of McKendree” award winner Quincy Poynter and his daughters