Students' Research to Appear in The Journal of Social Psychology

(LEBANON, Ill., September 19, 2019) — A research article by three McKendree University students and their professor, entitled “Evidence for Blatant Dehumanization of Mental Illness and its Relation to Stigma,” has been accepted for publication. The article is forthcoming in The Journal of Social Psychology, which is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes “original empirical research in all areas of basic and applied social psychology.” A preprint of the article can be found online.

Senior psychology major Lori Tretter and Class of 2019 graduates Raina Isaacs (psychology) and  Sydnie Markowski (biopsychology) conducted the research and co-wrote the article with Dr. Guy A. Boysen, professor of psychology. The project documented people’s tendency to see individuals with mental illness as lacking fundamental human qualities and the power of this dehumanization to predict prejudicial attitudes. It is the second peer-reviewed publication for this student research group. The three students and Boysen previously published research on the effectiveness of trigger warnings in the journal Teaching of Psychology.