Belleville St. Open Temporarily for Commencement Weekend

The city of Lebanon has worked to get Belleville St. open temporarily for our Commencement weekend. Belleville St. will temporarily be available for use to incoming and outgoing traffic on Friday evening for the Graduation Celebration Dinner and Saturday for both commencement exercises. Please follow clearly-placed McKendree COMMENCEMENT signage with arrows to navigate through the construction areas to campus.

Please remember to drive slowly in construction zones and wear your seatbelt. Also, cell phone use is banned in construction and school zones in the state of Illinois.

Alternative Routes

Visitors coming to campus from eastbound Route 50, in the direction of O’Fallon, should take it to Ill. Route 4 and turn left (north) at the stop sign. To get to campus, turn left onto St. Louis Street (at the stoplight at the top of the hill), then turn right onto Alton Street (at the stop sign).


Commencement Information