McKendree University Kentucky Campus Honor Society Inductees

Louisville / Radcliff, Ky. — McKendree University held an annual honor society induction ceremony for students from its Louisville and Radcliff campuses on April 13 at the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre in Shepherdsville, Ky. Honorees were selected by faculty members for induction into Sigma Beta Delta, the highest international recognition a business student can receive; the Nursing Honor Society, for nursing students who rank in the top third of their class; Upsilon Pi Epsilon, an international honor society for students in the computing and information disciplines; and Phi Kappa Phi, for those with the highest scholastic standing.

The newly inducted undergraduates and graduate students, listed by their hometown, are as follows:

Bloomfield: Crystal Hazelwood-Taylor, Nursing Honor Society.

Brandenburg: Kellee Duke, Nursing Honor Society.

Elizabethtown: Richard Dalton, Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Beta Delta; Timothy Gentry, Sigma Beta Delta; Leah Hiles, Phi Kappa Phi; Lisa Hinton, Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Beta Delta; Jeffrey Newman, Nursing Honor Society; Kenneth Sallee, Upsilon Pi Epsilon; Jayne Snider, Upsilon Pi Epsilon; Richard Torres, Sigma Beta Delta; Jerome Young, Phi Kappa Phi.

Lexington: Julia deVerges, Nursing Honor Society; Tim Winterfield, Nursing Honor Society.

Louisville: Melissa Burchett, Nursing Honor Society; Alisha Cooper, Sigma Beta Delta; Robert Graham, Sigma Beta Delta; Melinda Hensler, Nursing Honor Society; Autumn Schnurr, Nursing Honor Society; Nathan Sexton, Upsilon Pi Epsilon; Chartia Shepard, Sigma Beta Delta; Imelda Wright, Nursing Honor Society; Wade Zinsmeister, Phi Kappa Phi; Lori Zinsmeister, Sigma Beta Delta.

Magnolia: Lauren Ford, Phi Kappa Phi and the Nursing Honor Society.

Muldraugh: Patrick Severin, Sigma Beta Delta.

New Haven: Teresa Perkins, Nursing Honor Society.

Palmyra, Ind.: Beth Tourney-Shelton, Phi Kappa Phi.

Radcliff: Robert McCormick, Sigma Beta Delta; Lance Shore, Phi Kappa Phi and Upsilon Pi Epsilon; Linda Vessels, Nursing Honor Society.

Taylorsville: Andrea Renfrow, Nursing Honor Society.

Upton: Kara Smith, Nursing Honor Society; Joseph Vertrees, Sigma Beta Delta.

Vine Grove: Kevin Fellers, Upsilon Pi Epsilon; John Neleski, Sigma Beta Delta.