Debate & I.E. Finish Regular Season Strong in Missouri

Lebanon, Ill. — The McKendree University debate and individual events team finished its regular season by taking second place as a squad at Whitman College and reaching finals in three events at the Missouri State tournament.

Fifteen colleges and universities attended the Whitman College tournament in Walla Walla, Wash., on Feb. 15-17, including the University of Oregon, Texas Tech University and Pepperdine University. Representing McKendree were seniors Ben Reid and Ian Reynolds, and juniors Lucas Barker, Alex Cunningham, Sarah DeBruyckere, Mat Myles, Brent Nicholson and Brad Thomas.

At the first half of Whitman, the team of Myles and Thomas posted a 3-1 record in prelims. In elims, they defeated the College of Idaho, Washburn University and Whitman College, and finished as semifinalists. Reid and Reynolds also went 3-1, beat Whitman College in octofinals, and finished as quarterfinalists. DeBruyckere and Nicholson posted a 2-2 record and overcame Concordia University in double-octofinals. They finished as octofinalists. Finally, the team of Barker and Cunningham finished with an even record, barely missing elimination rounds on points. Reid was recognized as the third place speaker, while Nicholson and Reynolds took 12th and 16th, respectively. As a squad, McKendree took second place at the first half of the tournament.

At the second half of the tournament, Reid and Reynolds went 5-0 and finished as octofinalists. Myles and Thomas also finished as octofinalists, after posting a 4-1 record. Finally, DeBruyckere and Nicholson went 3-2, finishing as double-octofinalists. Myles took home the sixth place speaker award, while Reid, Thomas and Reynolds received ninth, tenth and 12th place awards. Additionally, Cunningham took second place in impromptu speaking. As a squad, McKendree took fourth place in debate sweepstakes and third in overall sweepstakes.

Eleven colleges and universities, including Truman State, Illinois State and the University of Nebraska, attended the Missouri State tournament hosted by Southwest Baptist University on Feb. 16. Representing McKendree were seniors Lance Allen and Darren Meeker, and sophomores Rebecca Blake and Spencer Marcum. Marcum took second place in prose interpretation, after taking first place in all of his prelims. He also took third place in programmed oral interpretation. Allen qualified for the semifinal round of impromptu speaking. After winning semifinals, he finished third in the final round.

This weekend marks the end of the regular season for the McKendree University debate and individual events team. McKendree will begin its national tournament competition in March.


Debate and Individual Event winners

McKendree University students Lance Allen, Darren Meeker, Rebecca Blake and Spencer Marcum competed in the Missouri State tournament.