McKendree University Graduates Receive Diplomas in Louisville, KY

Louisville, Ky. — Graduates of McKendree University’s Louisville and Radcliff, Kentucky campuses received their diplomas at commencement exercises held June 9 at the Highview Baptist Church East Campus.

Seventy-two of the 151 members of the Kentucky campuses’ Class of 2012 participated in the ceremony.

The commencement address was given by Mark D. Needham, special assistant to the governor and executive director of the Kentucky Commission on Military Affairs.

The “Spirit of McKendree Award,” given for academic excellence and community concern, went to Amanda Glass of Shepherdsville, Ky., a Bachelor of Science in nursing graduate from the Louisville campus. Outstanding Faculty Awards were presented by the Alumni Association to Michael Ashcraft of the Louisville campus, and Charles M. (Mike) Fleming of the Radcliff campus.

This year McKendree University conferred a total of 932 degrees—340 master’s, 581 bachelor’s and 11 associate’s—on graduates who completed their degree requirements in August and December 2011 and May 2012. One-hundred-eighty-eight graduated with honors: 37 summa cum laude, 83 magna cum laude and 68 cum laude. Graduates receiving master’s degrees in education, professional counseling, business administration and nursing comprise over 36 percent of the Class of 2012.

Commencement exercises were held at the Lebanon, Illinois campus on May 12.

The 2012 McKendree University graduates from Indiana and Kentucky are:


Floyds Knobs: Jillian Diane VonKanel, BA, sociology-criminal justice emphasis; Michelle A. Fulks, BSN, nursing.

Gary: Catherine L. Glancy, BSN, nursing.

Georgetown: Cynthia A. Cooper, BSN, nursing.

Richmond: Robert A. Lee, BS, computer information systems (magna cum laude).

Vincennes: Wendy Michelle Wheeler, BSN, nursing.


Albany: Virgie B. Tidmore, BBA, business administration (cum laude).

Bardstown: Brittany E. Metcalfe, MBA, business administration.

Brandenburg: Patrick C. Myers, MBA, business administration.

Caneyville: Melonie S. Dennison, BSN, nursing (magna cum laude).

Crestwood: Jeff C. Meredith, AS, business administration; Whitney L. Seadler, BBA, management and business administration; Laurie L. Woods, BSN, nursing.

Danville: Timothy W. Gooch, BSN, nursing.

Elizabethtown: John P. Prichard, BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude); Michael L. Wright, BBA, human resource management; Laurel A. Darhali, BSN, nursing; Sharon M. Edgar, BSN, nursing; Tammy M. Heady, BSN, nursing; Tara J. Huddleston, BSN, nursing (magna cum laude); Dedra A. Kerr, BSN, nursing; Shaun M. Milby, BSN, nursing; Barbara J. Roarx, BSN, nursing; Jana L. Wright, BSN, nursing; Andrea R. Pelley, MBA, business administration; Thomas W. Savage, MBA, business administration; Joel M. Kessinger, BBA, business administration (cum laude).

Flaherty: Amber J. Lancaster, BBA, management (cum laude); Carolyn A. Hobbs, BSN, nursing.

Frankfort: Annette David, BSN, nursing; Susan D. Bingham, MSN, nursing-management/administration.

Glasgow: Jennifer M. Thacker, BSN, nursing.

Guston: Samuel J. Gotsch, BBA, human resource management.

Harrodsburg: Vicky L. Moore, MSN, nursing-nursing education.

Henderson: Kitty R. Wusstig, BBA, marketing and management (magna cum laude).

Hodgenville: Sherry L. Matteson, BBA, business administration; Cynthia A. Morris, BSN, nursing.

Horse Cave: Darrell G. Bailey, BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude).

Irvington: Rebecca G. Board, BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude).

Lawrenceburg: Stephanie D. Stratton, BSN, nursing.

Lexington: Sarah I. Humphries, BBA, accounting (summa cum laude).

Louisville: Ashley M. Adams, BBA, marketing and business administration (cum laude); James M. Archerson, BBA, accounting (cum laude); Stephanie L. Arnett, BBA, accounting; Christina N. Britz, BBA, accounting (magna cum laude); Foster S. Chandler Jr., BBA, human resource management; Niketa J. Estes, BBA, business administration; Karen A. Head, BBA, management and business administration (cum laude); Kimberly M. Hogue, BBA, management; Jean M. Jenkins, BBA, human resource management (cum laude); Logan T. Jones, BBA, accounting and business administration; Joshua A. Lawhorn, BBA, accounting; David C. Lichtsteiner, BBA, business administration; Larry A. Miller Jr., BBA, management (cum laude); Diane M. Roberts, BBA, human resource management and management; Andy C. Spencer, BBA, human resource management (cum laude); Nicolas C. Stout, BBA, management (magna cum laude); Dawnese I. Thompson, BBA, business administration (cum laude); Robert B. Webster, BBA, management; Stephanie L. Welch, BBA, accounting and business administration; Wesley I. Whiting, BBA, management; Omar A. El-Abed, BS, computer information systems; George Matthew Reardon, BS, computer information systems; Gregory M. Reardon, BS, computer information systems; Shannon M. Rice, BS, computer information systems; Melissa L. Burchett, BSN, nursing; Audrey E. Diller, BSN, nursing; Rachel E. Gentry, BSN, nursing; Karla R. Hall, BSN, nursing; Leslie E. Hall, BSN, nursing; Pauline Hayes, BSN, nursing; Krista C. Mann, BSN, nursing; Franarvella Marshall, BSN, nursing; Annette L. Rosenberger, BSN, nursing; Joanne T. Schoenbachler, BSN, nursing; Ashley L. Scott, BSN, nursing; Janna L. Sharp, BSN, nursing; Angela R. Vaughn, BSN, nursing; Kevin L. Veatch, BSN, nursing; Jennifer L. Wiegel, BSN, nursing; Elizabeth A. Willibaum, BSN, nursing; Gayle G. Zeller, BSN, nursing; Natasha R. Gilbert, MBA, business administration; Michael Brandon Pendleton, MBA, business administration; Jarrod Dean Smith, MBA, business administration; Joann J. Brennan, MSN, nursing-nursing education; Susan L. Hasl, MSN, nursing-nursing education.

Meade County: Dean G. Hesse, MBA, business administration.

Mt. Washington: Andrew Joseph Davis, BBA, business administration; Deneen S. Frazier, BSN, nursing; Megan N. Ball, MBA, business administration.

Paducah: Brenda C. Haynes, BSN, nursing; Mary M. White, BSN, nursing.

Payneville: Brittany G. Henderson, BBA, human resource management.

Radcliff: Victoria M. Dunlap, AS business administration; Jonathan L. Livingston, AS, business administration; Angel E. Miller, AS, business administration; Annette M. Redd, AS, business administration; Charles A. Black, BBA, human resource management (summa cum laude); Sharon A. Christian, BBA, human resource management; Tammy A. Garner, BBA, marketing (cum laude); Elizabeth M. Pilette, BBA, business administration; Charles A. Reed, BBA, marketing; Kennedy L. Wesson, BBA, human resource management.

Rineyville: Dianna D. Basham, BBA, business administration and human resource management; Paul M. Denham, BBA, human resource management (cum laude); Mark D. Hillberry, BS, computer information systems (magna cum laude); Brandon M. Schmidt, BS, computer information systems; Charles G. Cline, MBA, business administration; Andrew B. Cooper, MBA, business administration.

Shelbyville: Kieth L. Cable, AS, business administration; Daniel T. Finnell, BBA, business administration (magna cum laude); Brian T. Bush, BS, computer information systems (summa cum laude); Sherri D. Marston, BSN, nursing.

Shepherdsville: Donna R. Gaw, BSN, nursing; Amanda L. Glass, BSN, nursing; Laura L. Whitfill, BSN, nursing (magna cum laude); Jeremy C. Simms, MBA, business administration.

Sulphur Well: Cynthia A. Walker, BSN, nursing.

Taylorsville: Heather N. Smith, BSN, nursing.

Vine Grove: Shelby Earl Higgs, BBA, business administration (magna cum laude); Bethany E. Hubbard, BBA, business administration (human resource management); Kristofor R. King, BBA, management (magna cum laude); Adam M. Fleming, BS, computer information systems; Jamie R. Blair, BSN, nursing; Don H. Henry, MBA, business administration; Joseph W. Parker, MBA, business administration; Penny M. Slone, MBA, business administration.

West Paducah: Kemberly J. Seaton, BSN, nursing.

Wingo: April Dawn Bass, BSN, nursing.