McKendree Debaters Prepare for Nationals

Lebanon, Ill. — The highly ranked McKendree University debate team departs on Mar. 15 for the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence (NPTE) and the National Parliamentary Debate Association championship tournament (NPDA). Both tournaments are hosted by Western Washington University in Bellingham, Wash. Additionally, some members of the McKendree debate team will compete in the National Comprehensive Tournament in Overland Park, Ks.

McKendree is ranked eighth of 225 schools in NPDA season sweepstakes, ahead of schools such as the University of Oregon, the University of California at Berkeley, Purdue University and Southern Illinois University.

Five McKendree teams are ranked in the NPTE top 100. Brent Nicholson and Ben Reid are ranked sixth of 878 teams, while Ian Reynolds and Brad Thomas are in 16th place. Also in the top 100 are Lucas Barker and Mat Myles, 46th; Alex Cunningham and Zak Kilhoffer, 83rd; and Anna Chambers and Sarah DeBruyckere, 93rd.

“We have had a tremendously successful regular season,” said Joe Blasdel, McKendree University debate coach. “This is the first time in program history that we’ve had five teams in the Top 100 and two teams in the Top 20. Currently, we are working hard to prepare for nationals and I expect that we will continue the success of the regular season at nationals.”