McKendree University Graduates Receive Diplomas in Louisville



Photo of Kentucky Commencement

Louisville, Ky. — Graduates of McKendree University’s Louisville and Radcliff, Kentucky campuses received their diplomas at commencement exercises held June 11 at the Highview Baptist Church East Campus. Photos

Most Class of 2011 undergraduates were the first McKendree “University” freshmen when the 183-year-old institution changed its name from McKendree “College” in 2007. Sixty-eight of the 103 members of the Class of 2011 from both Kentucky campuses participated in the ceremony.

Leading the procession was a new purple-and-white gonfalon, or academic banner, bearing the University seal. The commencement address was given by Tim North, a senior vice president of North American operations for Papa John’s, Inc.

Photo of Kentucky CommencementPhoto of Kentucky CommencementThe “Spirit of McKendree Award” given for academic excellence and community concern, went to Regina Betts of Elizabethtown, a nursing honors graduate from the Radcliff campus. Outstanding Faculty Awards were presented to Jose Alfaro of the Louisville campus, and Mike Roberson of the Radcliff campus.

This spring McKendree University conferred a total of 894 degrees in 2011—330 master’s, 550 bachelor’s and 14 associate’s—on graduates who completed their degree requirements in August and December 2010 and May 2011. One-hundred-seventy-seven graduated with honors: 27 summa cum laude, 94 magna cum laude and 56 cum laude. Master’s degree graduates comprised 37 percent of the Class of 2011.

Commencement exercises were held at the Lebanon, Illinois campus on May 7.

McKendree University is a regionally accredited, not-for-profit, four-year institution serving adult students in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. Its curriculum offers a personalized approach to instruction, flexible scheduling, and convenient class times. The Kentucky campuses offer an associate’s degree in business administration and bachelor’s degrees in business administration, marketing, accounting, management and human resources; computer information systems, information technology, nursing and organizational communications. The master’s program includes human resource management, international business, business administration, nursing management and nursing education.

Founded in 1828, the historic university ranks among the top 13 percent of Best Regional Colleges in the 2011 edition of U.S. News Media Group’sBest Colleges report. Classes begin each month at the Louisville and Radcliff campuses.

Aug. and Dec. 2010 and May 2011 graduates from McKendree University’s Kentucky campuses:

Rachel D. Thomas, BBA, management

Fort Wayne:
Whitney Helen Baillie, BA, international relations (cum laude)

Cynthia A. Cooper, BSN, nursing

Julie C. Lau, MSN, nursing education

Debra A. Hood, BBA, accounting (magna cum laude)

Byron Roy Turner II, BA, political science

Sonia J. Goff, AS, business administration

Craig L. Cassidy, BBA, business administration


Bardstown: Robert Brad Cecil, BBA, accounting (magna cum laude); Candice M. Gore, BBA, human resource management

Lydia Rosetta Langley, BSN, nursing

Dianne Marie Lyvers, BSN, nursing

Stephenie V. Allivand, BBA, accounting; Diane M. Burnett, BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude); Bret A. Jackson, BBA, human resource management

Nichole L. Gwilliam, BSN, nursing

Linda Jo Gribbins, BSN, nursing

Paula A. Blair, BSN, nursing (summa cum laude)

Beverly K. Engle, BBA, marketing and business administration (magna cum laude)

Timothy W. Gooch, BSN, nursing

Kimberly E. Grey, BBA, business administration

Regina M. Betts, BSN, nursing; Tammy J. Caudill, BSN, nursing; Danny Cofield, BS, information technology management; Anita C. Collins-McCullum, BSN, nursing; Shane A. Gaddie, BBA, management; Chavelle E. Hall BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude); Jeremiah L. Hess, BBA, business administration; Evelyn M. Jaggers, BBA, human resource management (cum laude); Charles K. Key, BA, organizational communication; Robert W. Kiser, BBA, business administration (magna cum laude); Jennifer M. McGimsey, BSN, nursing (cum laude); Jessica K. Pence, BBA, marketing; Juanita J. Randle, AS, business administration; Miguel E. Rivera, BBA, human resource management (cum laude); Vanessa B. Rivera, BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude); Aimee R. Roach, BBA, business administration (cum laude); Jennifer N. Simpson, BBA, marketing (cum laude); Billy W. Smith, MBA, business administration

Mary Tamela Noel-Reece, BSN, nursing

Hardinsburg: Rebecca A. Martin, BSN, nursing (cum laude)

Harrodsburg: Amanda W. Lewis, BSN, nursing

Jeffersontown: Roger T. McGee, MBA, business administration

La Grange: Bryan D. Smith, BBA, business administration

Lawrenceburg: Aaron B. Newton, BSN, nursing

Lebanon Junction: Regina E. Doan, BSN, nursing

Louisville: Daniel S. Alcorn, BBA, business administration; Bryan P. Benjamin, BBA, business administration (cum laude); Lea Ann Bland, BSN, nursing; Sauda D. Brown, BBA, marketing; Marlo M. Bullard, BSN, nursing; Keith D. Campbell, BBA, management; Kyle J. Chandler, BBA, marketing and human resource management; Cestau V. Childs-Clark, AS, business administration; Keith L. Cole, BBA, human resource management; Laura E. Davis, BBA, accounting; Nancy H. Doll, BSN, nursing; Ivona Dragosevic, BBA, accounting; James M. Erwin, AS, business administration; Stacy D. Hendrix, AS, business administration; Megan D. Jarzomkowski-Wade, BSN, nursing; Mary S. Jayapalan, BSN, nursing; Allen A. Lanning-Burton, AS, business administration; Eric F. Lee, BSN, nursing; Ronald P. Loyd, BSN, nursing; Ruth Ann Mackson, BSN, nursing; Carla M. Moran, BBA, business administration; Tricia L. Palmer, BSN, nursing; Melissa H. Penn, BSN, nursing; Kimberly D. Phillips, BSN, nursing; M. Beth Price, BBA, accounting and business administration (cum laude); Hawa J. Sheki, BBA, management; Angela R. Silver, BBA, management; Dana L. Smith, BSN, nursing; Duvalle Sommerville, BBA, human resource management and business administration; Robin E. Stigall, AS, business administration; Stephanie K. Sturgeon, BSN, nursing; Susan J. Thomas, BSN, nursing; Scheryl A. Woosley, BSN, nursing; Kimberly D. Wyatt, BSN, nursing; Rebecca L. Decker, MBA, business administration; Natasha R. Gilbert, MBA, business administration; Christine Anne Grincius, MBA, business administration; Renee C. Lubbers, MBA, business administration; Timothy S. Noland, MBA, business administration

Mt. Washington: Nicholas T. VanCleave, MBA, business administration

Pewee Valley: Joseph R. Clickner, BBA, business administration; Whitney L. Seadler, AS, business administration

Prospect: David L. Buchanan, MBA, business administration; Brandon Matthew Gerstner, MBA, business administration

Radcliff: Krystal S. Cassell, AS, business administration; Tammy M. Croft, AS, business administration; Dena M. Emerson, BBA, human resource management; Denise D. Ferguson, BBA, management; Tinik Y. Hall, BBA, human resource management; Michael Johnson, BBA, human resource management; Rafael Panola, BBA, human resource management (cum laude); Annette M. Redd, AS, business administration; Naomi J. Roberts, BBA, business administration; Stacy A. Spencer, BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude); Mary Kathleen Castillo, MSN, nursing management / administration; Jerome Lewis, MBA, business administration; William R. Tinsley, MSN, nursing management / administration

Rineyville: Jennifer C. Adams-Richardson, BSN, nursing; David W. Brakebill, BBA, management; Travis J. Jupin, BSN, nursing (magna cum laude)

Shepherdsville: Donna R. Jetter, BSN, nursing; Clinton A. Rayhill, BSN, nursing; Tiffany L. Rigney, BSN, nursing

Simpsonville: Shirley K. Moore, AS, business administration

Symsonia: Kimberly Ann Mick, BSN, nursing (magna cum laude)

Taylorsville: Angela Thomas Huckleberry, BBA, marketing; Michelle E. Bowen-Stamper, MBA, business administration; Ruth D. Charles, MBA, business administration; Matthew D. Vanderburg, MBA, business administration

Vine Grove: Dennis M. Black, BBA, human resource management (cum laude); Victor T. Bush, BBA, accounting and management; Christa M. Goodman, AS, business administration; Joseph A. Heckinger, BBA, human resource management; Randy J. Marvel, BBA, marketing; Christen E. Neleski, AS, business administration; Willie J. Pettaway, BBA, human resource management; Blaine A. Schobelock, BBA, human resource management (magna cum laude); Belinda C. Turner, BBA, human resource management; James S. Ward, BS, computer information systems, and BBA, business administration and accounting

West Paducah: Teresa G. Cash, BSN, nursing.