High Schools Compete in WYSE Academic Challenge Sectional

Lebanon, Ill. — It was spring break at McKendree University yet classrooms were filled with hundreds of students concentrating hard on math, chemistry and physics tests. They came to the campus from 33 area high schools to compete in the state sectional tournament of the Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) Academic Challenge on Mar. 11.

Placing first in their respective divisions were teams from Governor French Academy and Chester, Centralia and Edwardsville High Schools. The top finishers advance to the state finals at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, Apr. 19 to 22.

“Today was just fantastic. This is a unique event where you get people cheering for someone to place first in physics, math or biology with the same enthusiasm as they would cheer for their basketball team,” said Dr. Jim Feher, chairman of the WYSE advisory board and associate professor of computer science and computer information systems at McKendree. This is the seventh year that the university has hosted the annual competition. McKendree offers WYSE Scholarships of $1,000 to qualified participants.

WYSE works to advance excellence in science and mathematics and to promote careers in engineering and the sciences. The Academic Challenge is a series of competitive multiple-choice tests in seven subjects designed to motivate talented and diverse high school students to higher achievement in science and math.

Students are tested as teams and individually in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, math and physics. Test material is drawn from senior high school and freshman-level college curricula and written by college and university faculty. Exams of increasing levels of difficulty are given at the regional, sectional and state level.

Participating schools were: Althoff, Belleville West, Bond County Community Unit 2 (Greenville), Central (Breese), Carlyle, Centralia, Chester, Christ Our Rock Lutheran (Centralia), Collinsville, Dupo, Edwardsville, Freeburg, Gibault (Waterloo), Governor French Academy (Belleville), Highland, Lebanon, Marissa, Mascoutah, Mater Dei (Breese), Mulberry Grove, Nashville, New Athens, O’Fallon, Odin, Patoka, Red Bud, Salem, Sandoval, South Central (Farina), Sparta, Waterloo, Wesclin (Trenton) and West Washington County (Okawville).

Aaron Povolish, of O’Fallon, a 2006 McKendree graduate, was honored as a distinguished WYSE alumnus. As a former member of three Academic Challenge teams for Sparta High School, he finished first in the state in math and third in physics; second in physics and sixth in math his junior year; and helped his school place twelfth 12th in the 2002 state finals.

“I liked challenging myself in math. We had a really good class my senior year and we pulled together as a group,” Povolish said. At McKendree, he graduated summa cum laude as a double major in computer science and mathematics. He is now an informational technology analyst at AT&T in St. Louis.

Povolish said he is glad to see his alma mater continue to host the competition, adding that it seems to grow larger each year.


2010 WYSE Illinois Sectional Team photos:


Photo of Althoff Catholic High School 2010

Althoff Catholic High School

Mary McGlynn, Jack Cunningham, Gabe Orlet, Coach Leslie Ecker.


Photo of Belleville West High School 2010

Belleville West High School

Front row: Edward Pisarski, Logan Doncarlos;

Middle row: Nicole Geiger, Sara Corn, Coach Cyndi Oberle-Dahm, Katie Neighbors, Crystal Zimmerman;

Back row: Steven Stennach, Chris Norris, Brad Horton, Phil Pearson, David Naumann, Mike Hensley, Mark Palmer, Nick Stauder.


Photo of Bond County 2010

Bond County Community Unit #2, Greenville

Front row: Katie Pollman, Logan Lippert, Lauren Karnowski, Bridget Grissom, Nori Stone, Clara Costa;

Back row: Emily Miller, Steve Dannaman, Jace Reinhard, Trevor Hartnagel, Jimmy Stilt, Isaac Gilmore, Curtis Simmonds, Aaron Disch, Sara Schlemper, Coach Linda Hinch.


Photo of Breese Central 2010

Central Community High School, Breese

Kyle Brauer, Jessica Winkler, Coach Emily Howell, Caleb Weiss, Tyler Kruep.


Photo of Carlyle 2010

Carlyle High School

Front row: Kelsey Staggs,Victoria McDowell, Nora Buckingham;

Middle row: Ashley Kennedy, Scott Huels, Kody Bolk, Lauren Hilmes, Valarie Hemker;

Back row: Andrew Adams, Sawyer Magnus, Neil Luebbers, Steven Christ, Hope Smith, Spencer Smith, Coach Crystal Lingley.


Photo of Centralia 2010

Centralia High School

Front row: Ian Ford, Roger King;

Middle row: Emily Papolczy, Katie Bodine, Ben Huston, Lizzy Bauer, Rebecca Reynolds;

Back row: Zak Shah, Brandon Tate, Brian Evertz, Luke Altenbaumer, Ryan Scheidt, Ilyas Jabbari, Bredesen Hartmann, Coach Jason Kuester.


Photo of Chester 2010

Chester High School

Front row: Ashley Lindsay, Laura Liefer, Jillian Yankey, Lauren Hoops;

Middle row: Rebecca Young, Jamie Long, Amy Araiza, Rachel Young, Mollie Laramore;

Back row: Brandon Straight, Miles Zhange, Brett Barthol, Patrick Strickler, Caleb Courier.

Not pictured: Coach Elizabeth King.


Photo of Christ Our Rock Lutheran 2010

Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School

Front row: Beth Watkins, Emily Droste, Trina Hermsmeyer, Dorothee Belli, Lydia Brandt;

Back row: Coach Wil Pennington, Vince Lentini, Brett Hanenberger, Nathan Schefelker, Ryan Lape, Carson Fuehne, Quinn DeBernardi, Dylan Antonsen.


Photo of Collinsville High School 2010

Collinsville High School

Front row: Danielle Matthews, Adrianne Maurer, Hector Fuentes, Evan Lloyd;

Middle row: Zac Bennett, Monica Paden, Hannah Fornero, Jordan Fosburgh, Alyssa Dalton;

Back row: Sarah Klarich, Kyle Slattery, Alfredo Pina, Mike Unnerstall, Chris Tenting, Coach Tom Withee.


Photo of Dupo High School 2010

Dupo High School

Coach Denise Nobbe, Mark Spagnolo.


Photo of Edwardsville 2010

Edwardsville High School

Front row: Abigail Veitch, Karly McLaughlin, Jason Prott, Josiah Smith, Stephanie DallaRiva;

Back row: James McCommas, Michael Berman, Luke Bertels, Max Schaettler, William Moy, Jacob Bertels, Alex Bertels, Stephanie Monroe, Mrs. Rebecca Beal, coach.


Photo of Freeburg 2010

Freeburg High School

Front row: John Dennis, Maddie Knapp, Mackenzie Mattern, Andrew Voelker, Molly Etling, Sarah Lindauer;

Back row: Wesley Munie, Blake Sakran, Matt Demond, Tim Corcoran, Jacob Forcade, Trevor Becherer, Richard Vines, Ray Mueller, Coach Kim Lintker.


Photo of Gibault Catholic 2010

Gibault Catholic High School, Waterloo

Kevin Schaefer, Eric Meyer, Jackie Reich, Coach Bill Guthrie.


Photo of Governor French Academy 2010

Governor French Academy, Belleville

Front row: Robert Schlegel, Faryal Shaikh, Taylor Clark, Keegan Sims, Emily Pritchett;

Back row: Coach Christine Stewart, Kira Reich, Chrysa Laquet, Nicholas Crowell, Josie Dawson, Alexis Corley, WooMin Lee, Michael Halel, JiaLing Zhou, Chang Zhang.


Photo of Highland 2010

Highland High School

Front row: Christopher U., Nathan O.;

Middle row: Simon M., Olivia G., Jordan D., Melissa B., Lauren M.;

Back row: Coach Deborah Massey, Blake P., Ryan K., Sam H., Kevin K., Austin H., Ricky N., John P., Chris D.


Photo of Lebanon 2010

Lebanon High School

Front row: Jen Lance, Ryan Helfrich, Andrew Pollard;

Back row: Coach Keith Otten.


Photo of Marissa Junior 2010

Marissa Junior Senior High School

Front row: Max Miller, Gene Cathcart;

Middle row: Joel Klimas, Jessica Antry, Dena Malkin, Brianne Tedrow, Erica Metheney;

Back row: Curtis Lewis, Kevin Galle, Kyle Jones, Jeremiah James, Chris Hagan, Drew Feig, Clint Runyon.

Not pictured: Coach Jill Prest.


Photo of Mascoutah 2010

Mascoutah High School

Front row: Aleesha Moran, Matt Benson, Kyle Nealy, Parry Draper, Tabitha Miller;

Back row: Katie Knowles, Kelly Perkins, Kayla Wiedau, Justin Pratt, Alexis Geurink, Kelsey Belt, Eileen Murphy, Lindsay Gray, Breanna Bence.

Not pictured: Coach Christopher Levrault.


Photo of Mater Dei 2010

Mater Dei Catholic High School, Breese

Front row: Sarah Hawn, Trixie Amorado, Sara Richter, Morgan Schulte, Morgan Hemker;

Back row: Christian Sanders, Brandon Guttersohn, Tad Logullo, Courtney Hemker, Elizabeth Hemann, Ali Mueller, Ian Timmermann, Jordan Bradford, Michael Geiger, Coach Scott Timmermann.


Photo of Mulberry Grove 2010

Mulberry Grove High School

Front row: DeAnna Phipps, JoAnna Brewer, Megan Korte, Megan Blankenship;

Middle row: Jacqueline Youngman, Cheyenne Johnson, Skylee Taylor, Kayla Nesbit, Kathreen Cayo;

Back row: Jacob Rickman, Harley Steed, Newt Albert, John Rickman, Taylor Mosley.

Not pictured: Coach Karla Harre.


Photo of Nashville 2010

Nashville High School

Front row: Kristin Orr, Kourtney Hake;

Middle row: Christopher Barkau, Melissa Klaybor, Wes Sharp, Meghan Orr, Whitney Wyciskalla;

Back row: Coach Brian Pasero, Jordan Ceglinski, Derek Sachtleben, Alex Lietz, Scott Polczynski, Ethan Brammeier, Andrew Johnson, Zach Flauaus, Coach Jean Orr.


Photo of New Athens 2010

New Athens High School

Ethan Tadlock, Austin Range.

Not pictured: Coach Kamra Brandi.


Photo of Odin 2010

Odin High School

Front row: Ian Soper, Caralyn Albert, Amanda Minor, Bethany Ellis, Tonya Donahoo;

Back row: Kaylee Justice, Kaitlin Helpingstine, Zachary Torbeck, Trey Smith, Tyson Minor, Zachary Mulvaney, Blake Uchitjil, Coach Nancy Schaefer.


Photo of O'Fallon Township 2010

O’Fallon Township High School

Front row: Jessie Ehlers, Ryan Patterson;

Middle row: Danielle Carter, Kaitlyn Lenkeit, Heidi Friedeck, Rachel Freese, Katy Beebe, David Tsueda;

Back row: Kevin Tormasi, Michael Scolanci, Victor Ramirez, Cody Davis, Isaac Eickmeier, Katherine Bowman, Coach Ginger Johnson.


Photo of Patoka 2010

Patoka CUSD #100

Coach Christine Meng, Rik Fisser, Paige Myers.


Photo of Red Bud 2010

Red Bud High School

Front row: Yang Zhou, Brianna Barbeau;

Back row: Coach Dan Flowers.


Photo of Salem Community 2010

Salem Community High School

Front row: Tori Meador, Rachel Williams, Shaina Green, Aaron Bolton, Lucas Maxey, Katie Bringwald, Kathleen McGuire;

Middle row: Coach Lisa Stephenson, Lance Reynolds, Adam Hargis, Thomas Goff, Alex Duncan, Lydia Weidner, Rayla Barnfield;

Back row: Cassie Ambuehl, Molly Rexilius, Kolin Clark, Emily Paddick, Peter Daniels, Paul Register, Cole Boozer, John McGuire.


Photo of Sandoval 2010

Sandoval High School

Brittany Meyer, Katie Lyons, Cassandra Morris, Braedyn Claybourne, Coach Amy Telford.


Photo of South Central 2010

South Central High School, Farina

Colby Bushue, Brandy Webster, Dani Hall, Coach Levi Bridges.


Photo of Sparta 2010

Sparta High School

Coach Connie Frederking, Rebecca Heinen, Zachary Stork.


Photo of Waterloo 2010

Waterloo High School

Brian Schaab, Dylan Lawrence, Coach Lisa Tiedemann.


Photo of Wesclin 2010

Wesclin High School, Trenton

Front row: Brittany Mueller, Michael Bateman, Robert Robison, Conrad Swift, Nick Takacs;

Back row: Coach Jason Schleifer.


Photo of West Washington County 2010

West Washington County High School, Okawville

Front row: Mallory Klingenberg, Megan Middendorf, Jaci Lake, Stephanie Kraus, Melissa Frederking;

Back row: Coach Rhonda Hormann, Alexis Lintker, Alyssa Brammeier, Taylor Walton, Tyler Brammeier, Nolan Middendorf, Ryan Burrough, Jared Blumhorst, Stephen Lake, Lyndsay Fuhrhop.