McKendree Graduates Are Getting Jobs in Their Field, Survey Shows


Lebanon, Ill. — In today’s tight job market, McKendree University graduates are getting jobs in their chosen field. A recent survey of the Class of 2009 shows that 95.5 percent of its bachelor’s degree recipients were working, in graduate school, or not seeking employment within 10 months of graduation. Of those employed, 94.4 percent were working in the field of their major.

Almost 38 percent of the Class of 2009 continued their education in graduate school.

Of those who received master’s degrees in 2009, 98.9 percent were working within 10 months of graduation, with 100 percent of those employed in their major field.

A Graduate Success Summary released by the university’s Career Services Department is based on the findings of surveys distributed to the Class of 2009 graduates. The bachelor’s degree data is based upon 223 responses to surveys distributed to 400 graduates (excluding Kentucky campus graduates). The master’s degree data is based on 189 responses to 293 surveys.

According to the report, 100 percent of graduates in the following fields of study were either employed in their major or continuing their education: language, literature and communications; science and math; and nursing. One hundred percent of master’s graduates in business administration, professional counseling and nursing were employed in their respective fields of study.

A series of classes guides McKendree undergraduates through the process of choosing their major and then putting it to work. A class taught by Dr. Jim Cook, assistant professor of counseling, helps students learn more about themselves and their interests, values and goals as they determine their major. Classes taught by Jennifer Pickerell, director of career services, focus on applying students’ major to utilize those interests, values and goals. Students learn how to job search effectively, network, and to understand financial areas that will impact them. They are also given information to succeed on the first year of the job.

“We are here to assist at every level,” Pickerell said, adding that McKendree alumni may take use the university’s career services resources, whether they have been out of school for one year or 30 years.