Student Perspectives

We asked students to describe the McKendree experience …


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Terrence “TJ” Abernathy

“The Music faculty really care and want you to become the best musician, educator and person you can be."


Quotation Graphic Lauren Apetz

“I have gotten the most out of interning with broadcasting outlets, along with working in McKendree's Marketing and Communications office.”


Quotation Graphic Christin Austin

“The most meaningful academic experience that I received at McKendree University was having the opportunity to personally interact in classes taught by professors who desired quality education and my success.”


Quotation Graphic Benjamin Bauer

“My most memorable experience while attending McKendree is contributing to the local FIRST Lego League Robotics. Helping children pursue their goals was a very positive experience.”


Quotation Graphic Kellie Beard

“I have had the pleasure of having several wonderful professors while attending McKendree University, one in particular, Professor Misiak, helped me to establish my career goals and really taught me the value of loving what you do.”


Quotation Graphic Kathryn Berndsen

“Each and every one of my nursing instructors has been so very helpful, and each one provided the guidance and encouragement that I needed at just the right time. There’s no better place than McKendree to further one’s nursing education!”


Quotation Graphic Lisa Campbell

“The most meaningful academic experience I have had at McKendree was being the first person in my family to graduate from college.”


Quotation Graphic Krystiana Clarke

"The most meaningful academic experience I’ve had at McKendree has been learning from the faculty who go beyond the textbook by bringing their real life experience into the classroom to teach us practical, professional, and innovative skills."


Quotation Graphic Valeria Cueto

“During my time in this program, I learned that everyone you meet has something to teach you; it simply takes having an open heart and mind to learn the lesson.”


Quotation Graphic Mary Clare Engel

“My most meaningful academic experience at McKendree University has been the opportunity provided to apply the skills and knowledge taught in the classroom to real-life situations.”


Quotation Graphic Rebeca Gabel

“The most meaningful academic experience I have had at McKendree University is the opportunity to grow personally through higher education with the support of my instructors, Mr. Tom Pawlow, Tia Crowder, and the entire McKendree staff.”


Quotation Graphic Christy Geary

“My most meaningful academic experience at McKendree involved the selection, research, and hands-on experience with completing my Scholarly Project - Disaster Preparedness in an Emergency Department.”


Quotation Graphic Erin Genteman

“I cannot put into words how meaningful it has been interacting with students in the classroom; I am extremely grateful for the guidance given to me during this time.”


Quotation Graphic Cassandra Gillespie

"I have most enjoyed collaborating with peers in my program, providing insight and experiences from working with students with a wide range of exceptionalities and advocating on behalf of this population in the classroom and community."


Quotation Graphic Maleah Grothaus

“McKendree's exemplary faculty offered guidance, encouragement and provided me with an excellent education.”


Quotation Graphic Cameron Harsey

"My favorite academic experience was presenting my thesis at the 37th annual Mid-America Conference on History on campus."


Quotation Graphic Redell Hendricks

“UNI 201 opened my eyes to not only jobs available for English majors, but also to the inherent value of my life and my story.”


Quotation Graphic Amanda Hoover

“My most meaningful academic experience at McKendree would be my time taking the Astronomy course that taught me to always look up, to reach for the stars, and to dream big!”


Quotation Graphic Craig Huegen

“I was able to take my undergraduate education, put on hold in the early 1990's, to completion among a full-time work schedule and full-time family schedule.”


Quotation Graphic Megan Jackson

“The entire AiM program was an enjoyable academic experience for me because I was able to complete my education, continue to work full time, volunteer in my church and community, and continue fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.”


Quotation Graphic Jeremiah James

“I enjoyed working on my honors thesis with my classmates Sami Renth and Stefanie Strack, and, of course, Dr. Heather Dye, who are all far more intelligent than I.”


Quotation Graphic Cathy Johnson

“My most meaningful education experience at McKendree has been acquiring a double BBA and new friendships in two years with the support of my family, friends, and the counselors of the AiM program.”


Quotation Graphic Daniel Johnson

“The SMARTEST people know that there is always more that can be learned.”


Quotation Graphic Denise Jones

“Great value was derived from the diversity, unique expertise, and leadership experiences of instructional staff enhancing intellectual growth.”


Quotation Graphic Brigitte Kollman

“I had two equally meaningful experiences while attending McKendree University: the successful accomplishment of a lifetime goal, and the development of friendships that encouraged me to pursue that goal.”


Quotation Graphic Samuel Lidisky

“Hosting the McKendree Mile for Lebanon Kids because my peers and I were able to raise over $500 for the youth of Lebanon.”


Quotation Graphic Mariah Logan

“My most meaningful academic experience was participating in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology conference to present my research about sport psychology text books; it allowed me to conduct research and communicate it to an audience that had personal investment in my topic.”


Quotation Graphic Morgan Maberry

“As I look back on my education at McKendree, I will not only remember the awesome opportunities I've had or the many new things that I've learned, but I will forever remember the family that I have gotten to be a part of and the wonderful relationships I've formed that have allowed me to become the person I am today.”


Quotation Graphic Lauren Mantei

“The most meaningful experience I have had at McKendree University was being selected to become a member of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, as it represents all of the hard work that I have put in to place myself in the top ten percent of my graduating class.”


Quotation Graphic Ramonda Miller

“I enjoyed the small class sizes where I had greater access to my professors and had the opportunity to interact and collaborate with my classmates which made the conversations more appealing and academically stimulating for me.”


Quotation Graphic Ron Mudra

“I enjoyed meeting and working with so many interesting people while going to McKendree.”


Quotation Graphic Kristen Noll

“My most meaningful academic experience while attending McKendree University was the rare privilege of spending the day with the Amish observing their schools in preparation for research about their culture.”


Quotation Graphic Kenneth O’Dell, Jr.

"When I realized that college was about learning how to learn, I began to embrace the liberal arts."


Quotation Graphic Jan Peters

“The opportunities to take Intermediate Microeconomics with only two students enrolled in the course and Intermediate Macroeconomics one on one, both with Dr. Abrams, underlines McKendree's commitment to provide the best possible academic experience to each individual student.”


Quotation Graphic Lauren Putbrese

“My most meaningful experience at McKendree was playing on the Women’s Tennis team, because through that, I developed friendships that will last a lifetime.”


Quotation Graphic Katie Roesch

“My time at McKendree has allowed me to form relationships with professors, staff, and students who believe in me and encourage me to reach my full potential.”


Quotation Graphic Kailee Rule

“The classes that weren’t taught necessarily from textbooks, but instead taught through experiences and from a life lesson perspective.”


Quotation Graphic Alexis Sauerwein

“I learned so much from attending the Disney Leadership Conference my sophomore year by making special bonds with people I would not normally have gotten to know and step out of my comfort zone and interact with some of the top names at Disney.”


Quotation Graphic Megan Schmid

“I just can't imagine how different my life would be if it weren't for the students and faculty I have had the pleasure of working with here at McKendree.”


Quotation Graphic Raymond Seeber

“My most meaningful academic experience is the unlimited support and business knowledge I routinely receive from every McKendree teacher, professor, and academic adviser.”


Quotation Graphic Taylor Simmons

“My most meaningful academic experience at McKendree University would be utilizing our small class size to make connections with my classmates and let the professors get to know me as an individual allowing for the highest quality education.”


Quotation Graphic Riley Smith

“My most meaningful academic experience while attending McKendree University was being a part of the RBC Networking Program because of the information that I learned about the real world of business.”


Quotation Graphic Julia Surdyke

“The most meaningful academic experience I've had at McKendree University is that I've had the opportunity to work with countless wonderfully talented people who have taught me so much about my craft and about life.”


Quotation Graphic Curtis Toler

“Living in different parts of not only the US, but also the world, has allowed me to gain a perspective into different cultures, and that has broadened my understanding of how people think and react to the same concepts.”


Quotation Graphic Susan Wagner

“The concepts I learned in the Leadership and Management course will be very beneficial in my future as a nursing leader.”


Quotation Graphic Renee Wilcox

“The best academic experience at McKendree did not lie within the classroom experience, but more so the assigned out of classroom projects and activities provided me the skills that has given me the motivation and confidence that I needed and wanted to succeed professionally within my career.”


Quotation Graphic Judith Wolters

“Learning, discussing, researching and reflecting with my McKendree cohort and instructors has deepened my skills and appreciation for the craft of teaching and leading.”


Quotation Graphic Cheryl Wright

“McKendree University challenged me to think beyond the immediate and develop a plan for my contribution in sustaining professional nursing.”


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