Aleix Alvarez-Calvo '16

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  • Music marketing major from Barcelona, Spain
  • Men’s tennis team
  • Marketing Club
  • Recorded album of original songs
  • Started own clothing line, Daltonic


“Expand your horizons” is one mantra that Aleix Alvarez-Calvo '16 has practiced even before arriving at McKendree from his hometown of Barcelona, Spain. As an international student, Aleix has discovered more opportunities to widen his world view and grow his talents at a university that feels like home.

Aleix’s love of music started out more than 10 years ago as quite the opposite. “My parents wanted me to take some music classes when I was about 11 years old. I did for a little while, but I decided music was not my thing. I guess I was too young to see what was coming.”

A few years later, Aleix was toying with the keys on his digital piano and listening to the song “Clocks” by Coldplay when he began matching the notes by ear. It wasn’t long before he was able to play the complete song from memory without ever having read any sheet music. “I started playing more often, and now I’m able to play a song I’ve heard for the first time in just a few minutes,” he said.

Aleix’s newfound talent soon inspired him to begin composing his own piano music. As a McKendree student, he broadened his musical background with courses in music theory and shared his abilities as the pianist for McKendree’s popular Show Choir. A talented singer and guitar player as well, he was the winner of the University’s student competitions McKendree Idol 2014 and McKendree’s Got Talent 2015.


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“My dream after graduation is to become a well-known musician. I would love to compose movie soundtracks while developing my career as an artist.”


Photo of Aleix Alvarez-Calvo Playing PianoAleix recently took one step closer to that dream by recording and releasing an album of 10 original piano songs that he composed himself.

Blending his passion for music with a foundation in business, Aleix’s major in music marketing has enabled him to stretch his skills in the business world too. In January 2015, he and two friends started work on their own clothing line called Daltonic, meaning “colorblind” in Catalan, the official language of the state of Barcelona, Spain. By June, the brand became a legal company, and they began selling their products in Spain. “We want to bring our line to the U.S. next, but it’s taking more time since we’re all still in college and studying in three different countries,” said Aleix. “I’ve already gained a lot of experience by starting this company, and it’s a great way to complement my business education.”

Aleix says his McKendree experience has improved his skills and given him a better vision of the marketing and music industries. “Everyone here has been a huge help for me as I work toward my goals.” Whether it’s trying something new or honing a current talent, students like Aleix know they have an entire community of support at McKendree.

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