Forward Campaign Graphic

Reasons to Give



Quotation Graphic Edward McGlynn

Class of 1968, McKendree University Board of Trustees

“I can’t imagine what this university would be like if over the years there weren’t donors who were willing to step up to the plate to contribute. The university has got to have new things in order to attract and continue to attract good students … you have to constantly evolve and get more people interested and more projects and contributing more money for those projects.”



Quotation Graphic Samantha Fagerberg

Class of 2017

“I don’t think that my dream would be possible without the scholarship McKendree has provided. McKendree has offered me so many opportunities just outside of the scholarship alone that are helping me gear towards what I want to do in the future and so I don’t think that it would be possible without the help of McKendree. McKendree has given me the confidence to fulfill my dreams.”



Quotation Graphic Matthew Olmsted

Class of 2001, McKendree University Board of Trustees

“When I came to McKendree, nothing was impossible and that’s what I want for current students today. I want them to come to McKendree University thinking nothing is impossible and if I can contribute to those students and enrich their experience that makes me really happy. I am where I am today because of McKendree and I very much want others to say that as well when they walk away from this great institution.”



Quotation Graphic Dr. Jean Scheller-Sampson

Class of 1983, Professor of Management and Marketing

“Great people work here, attend classes here, live here, and are involved here. You can't get away from greatness at McKendree.”



Quotation Graphic Cyril Curtis

Class of 1943, Distinguished Alumnus

“When I attended McKendree, I focused on my studies in math, physics, chemistry and biology in addition to the general coursework. It is vital that we provide new and updated science resources to the students of McKendree so they can become the doctors, researchers and scientists of tomorrow.”