Nichole DeWall, Ph.D.

Photo of Nichole DeWall, Ph.D.Associate Professor of English

Office: Carnegie Hall 211

Phone: (618) 537-6495


Ph.D., English, Northeastern University (2008)

M.A., English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2001)

B.A., English, magna cum laude, St. Olaf College (2000)

Teaching Interests


Anglo-Saxon and Medieval British Literature

Renaissance British Literature

Dramatic Literature

Recent Publications


DeWall, Nichole. “The Anxiety of Influence: Laurence Olivier’s Hamlet and Kenneth Branagh’s A

Midwinter’s Tale.” Cinematic Codes Review 2.1. (2017): 44-60.

DeWall, Nichole. “Into the Archives: Using EEBO in the Early Modern Literature Classroom.”

Digital Technology & the Literature Classroom. Ed. Tim Hetland. Boston: Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2017. Print.

DeWall, Nichole. “‘Let’s go hand in hand’: Roman Comedy and The Comedy of Errors.” The

Ashgate Research Companion to Shakespeare and Classical Literature. Ed. Sean Keilen and Nick Moschovakis. Abington, UK: Taylor and Francis, 2017. Print.

DeWall, Nichole. “Millennials by Heart: Memorization as Active Learning Strategy for the

Sparknotes Generation.” Motivating Millennials. Spec. issue of Journal of Excellence in College Teaching 27.4 (2017): 77-91.

DeWall, Nichole. “Anxiety in the Text: Ideology, Feminism, and Erotic Triangles in

Shakespeare’s The Two Noble Kinsmen.” Reading Queer in Literature, Film, and Culture. Spec. issue of The Apollonian: A Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 2:2 (2016): 135-53. Print.

DeWall, Nichole. “‘Love Bade Me Enter’: George Herbert’s Eucharistic Poetry.” Pennsylvania Literary

Journal. 8:3 (2016): 68-73.

DeWall, Nichole. “‘Like a shadow, / I’ll ever dwell’: The Jailer’s Daughter as Ariadne in The

Two Noble Kinsmen.” The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association 46: 1 (2013): 15-26. Print.

DeWall, Nichole. “Into the Woods: Dead Poets Society and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

Verse, Voice, and Vision: Poetry and the Cinema. Ed. Marlisa Santos. New York: Scarecrow, 2013. Print.

 DeWall, Nichole. “‘Sweet recreation barr’d’: The Case for Playgoing in Plague-time.”

Representing the Plague in Early Modern England. Ed. Rebecca Totaro and Ernest Gilman. New York: Routledge, 2012. Print.

Organizations & Memberships

The Shakespeare Association of America