Neil Quisenberry, Ph.D.

Photo of Neil Quisenberry, Ph.D.Professor of Sociology

Chair of the Division of Social Sciences

Office: Carnegie Hall 111B

Phone: (618) 537-6849



Ph.D., University of Kentucky

M.A., University of South Florida

B.A., Western Kentucky University

Representative Publications


Quisenberry, Phillip Neil. 2015. “Texting While Driving:  Can It Be Explained by The General Theory of Crime?” American Journal of Criminal Justice 40(2): 303-316.

Haskins, William A . and Phillip Neil Quisenberry. 2007. “Effects of Freedom of Speech Attitudes and Communication Styles on Physical Violence, Hate Speech, Marijuana Use and Alcohol Intoxication Among University Students.” The International Journal of The Humanities 5(3): 93-105.

Jones, Shayne E., and Phillip Neil Quisenberry. 2004. “The General Theory of Crime: How General Is It?” Deviant Behavior 25(5): 401-426. Wilcox, Pamela, Phillip Neil Quisenberry, Debra T. Cabrera, Shayne E. Jones. 2004. “Busy Places and Broken Windows? Toward Defining the Role of Physical Structure and Process in Community Crime Models.” Sociological Quarterly 45 (2):185-207.45 (2):185-207.

Wilcox, Pamela, Phillip Neil Quisenberry and Shayne E. Jones. 2003. “The Built Environment and Crime Risk Interpretation.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 40:322-346.

Research Interests

Hate crimes

Juvenile delinquency


Criminological theory

Teaching Interests

I generally teach the following courses on a regular basis:

Introduction to  Sociology

Introduction to Forensic Studies

Deviant Behavior

Juvenile Delinquency

Research Methods

Sociological Analysis

Professional Interests

I am a member of:
The American Society of Criminology

The Midwest Sociological Society

I am a reviewer for:
The Journal of Contemporary Ethnography

Roxbury Publishing Company

Sage Publishing

I am the faculty advisor for:

Spectrum Alliance

Alpha Kappa Delta