SWIC/McK Dual Admission Program

SWIC and McKendree University have formed a cooperative relationship that allows students to be admitted to both institutions simultaneously and to improve the transfer process for students interested in completing an associate degree and then transferring to complete a baccalaureate degree.

Students who fulfill the Dual Admission Program requirements are guaranteed acceptance into McKendree's main campus programs with full junior status. In addition to meeting McKendree’s general education requirements, students must meet all departmental requirements for acceptance into specific majors.

Students are encouraged to apply for dual admission as early in their SWIC career as possible.

Download a SWIC/McK Dual Admission Application

All nursing students should proceed to the McKendree application and contact (618) 537-6836.



Benefits to Dual Admission Program


  • Access to academic advising from both institutions
  • Updated program evaluations each semester
  • Priority registration when ready to transfer
  • McKendree email account and access to McKendree web services such as Self-Service and the automated program evaluation system
  • Access to McKendree’s Career Services, Student Success & Advising Center, Writing Lab, and Holman Library
  • $200 tuition deposit waived
  • $1,000 renewable scholarship for each year enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student on the main campus



Participation Requirements

√ Submit an application for admission to SWIC.

√ Submit an application for admission to McKendree - mail to Office of Admission, 701 College Road, Lebanon, IL 62254 or drop it off with Sonia Fischer in the Enrollment Services, Information Sciences Building, Room 1050.

√ Submit a Dual Admission Program Intent to Participate form (found with the application) to SWIC. The Intent to Participate form authorizes the institutions to share appropriate academic information concerning the enrollment and performance of the student.

√ Send official high school transcripts and ACT/SAT scores to McKendree, and also to SWIC, if required.

√ Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (on a 4.0 grading system) based on all college-level coursework completed at SWIC.

Complete an appropriate degree at Southwestern Illinois College within four years of acceptance into the Dual Admission Program and enroll at McKendree within one academic semester following graduation from SWIC. If a student does not transfer within four years, dual admission will be withdrawn.


For more details, contact:

Josie Blasdel at McKendree

(618) 537-6836

Katie Doughty at SWIC

(618) 235-2700, ext. 5675

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