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October 18, 2016

Person Typing on Laptop Computer5 Types of People That Would Benefit from Online Learning

Online learning has been providing people of all ages and abilities with numerous educational benefits for years. Classes are convenient, flexible for each student’s schedule, and effective. It’s no wonder why it’s become an increasingly popular way for many people to learn and further one’s education. Continue reading


September 27, 2016

Photo of Female NurseCalling All MSN-Prepared Nurse Leaders! McKendree Online Is Now Offering Our New Doctor of Nursing Practice Program!

Are you an MSN-prepared nurse leader who is interested in obtaining a doctoral degree in nursing? Then we have exciting news for you! McKendree Online is proud to be offering our new Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) in Ethical Leadership program online! Continue reading


September 1, 2016

Student at Commencement CeremonySo You’ve Earned an Online Degree – Now What?

You decided some time ago to take the next step in furthering yourself and propelling your career forward. That’s right, you made the decision to go back to school and get an online degree! Continue reading


August 23, 2016

Student Typing on Laptop Computer4 Ways Investing in Higher Education Pays Off

The decision to go to college or head back to school after a hiatus can be both exciting and stressful. You may have a road full of new challenges ahead of you, but those nights of writing papers, studying for exams, and preparing for presentations will pay off exponentially when you walk off the stage with your hard-earned diploma in your hand. Continue reading


August 15, 2016

InfographicReturning to College? 9 Smart Tips to Help Non-Traditional Students Apply to Scholarships Posted on

If you plan on returning to college, you probably are trying to find various scholarships to apply to in the process. While there are countless scholarships available each year, finding the right scholarships for you can be challenging, and the competition can be quite fierce as well. Continue reading


July 13, 2016

Dr. Tami Eggleston, Ph.D.Olympic Athletes Can Get Their Head in the Game, Thanks to Dr. Eggleston!

In less than one month, the Summer Olympics will begin in Rio de Janerio, spanning from August 5 to August 21. We at McKendree University are excited not only to cheer on our nation’s athletes as they compete, but also because we have our own tie to the Olympics – Dr. Tami Eggleston. Continue reading


June 20, 2016

Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois LogoEmployees of Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois Can Now Get Their Online Degree from McKendree for Less!

Are you an employee of the Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois? Have you been thinking about furthering your education but are worried about your commitments to your family and work? We have great news for you – now you can get your online degree from McKendree Online for less! Continue reading


June 16, 2016

Photo of Bill Robbins's FamilyMcKendree Online Father’s Day Spotlight Feature: Introducing Bill Robbins!

At McKendree University, we understand and appreciate the effort that fathers put in to raising their children every day. Countless fathers instill courage, strength, and knowledge in their children at an early age and strive to provide the best example for them. Continue reading


May 27, 2016

Student Typing on LaptopGet the Inside Scoop About McKendree Online’s MBA Program!

Recently, we watched 566 Bearcats receive their hard-earned bachelor’s degrees during our commencement ceremony on the front lawn. Those graduates have just achieved their dreams of finishing college and are ready to move on to the next chapter in their lives. Continue reading


May 6, 2016

Photo of Megan HoltmannMcKendree Online Makes Juggling a Busy Life Easy for May 2016 Nursing Graduate Megan Holtmann

This Nurses Week, McKendree University remembers and celebrates nurses and the important role that they play in healthcare. Nurses are the critical backbone of medical care in our hospitals, emergency rooms, nursing homes, military facilities, schools, and several other facilities. Continue reading


March 31, 2016

Keyboard with Human Resources ButtonHave You Heard? We Are Now Offering a Master of Business Administration Degree With an HRM Concentration!

Are you interested in gaining an understanding of human resource management practices so you can help manage employees in your organization more effectively? Do you want to get an extra edge over the competition in the workforce? Continue reading


March 2, 2016

Photo of Dr. BeardMeet Dr. Beard!

This month, we are proud to introduce Dr. Roxanne Beard, Director of the MBA Program and Associate Professor of Management! Dr. Beard has been with us since Dr. Frank Spreng retired last year and has been dedicated to helping our students in the MBA program reach their goals through her classes and the classes of her colleagues. Continue reading


February 15, 2016

Photo of Karen ReyesIntroducing Our Graduate Admissions Counselor, Karen Reyes!

Our latest spotlight feature this month showcases Karen Reyes, our Graduate Admissions Counselor here at McKendree University! She has been working hard every day, counseling and recruiting students for our graduate school since October 2015. Continue reading


January 29, 2016

Photo of Makenzie WalkerMeet Makenzie Walker, Our Nursing Recruiter!

We are proud to introduce Makenzie Walker, our Nursing Recruiter here at McKendree University! Makenzie oversees the recruitment efforts for the Division of Nursing programs, including our online programs. She also prepares and facilitates outreach presentations highlighting our nursing programs and helps students who make the decision to further their education. Continue reading


January 25, 2016

Photo of Sandee PowersSay Hello to Sandee Powers, Our Transfer Coordinator!

Meet Sandee Powers, McKendree University’s Transfer Coordinator. She has worked for McKendree University as the Transfer Coordinator for two and a half years. Her primary job is to help transfer students by enrolling them in appropriate classes or bringing in classes with the purpose of speeding up graduation. Continue reading


December 16, 2015

Photos of Illinois Eastern Community College (IECC)Employees of IECC Can Now Get Their Online Degree from McKendree for Less!

Are you an employee of Illinois Eastern Community College (IECC)? Have you been looking for ways to further your education without giving up your commitments to your family and work obligations? Great news – you can now get your online degree from McKendree Online for less money! Continue reading


December 11, 2015

Photo of Nursing StudentMcKendree’s Partnership With ICAHN Makes Getting Your Degree Easier Than Ever

Have you heard the news? McKendree University is partnering with the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN) to offer online RN to BSN and MSN degree programs to nursing staff at 53 critical access hospitals. When the Institute of Medicine set its goal of 80% of nurses to have their bachelor’s degree by 2020, McKendree wanted to play a part in aiding the initiative by partnering with ICAHN. Continue reading


November 06, 2015

McKendree University Paw LogoSee Why Our Online Program Is Perfect for Current and Retired Military Members

McKendree University has a rich history of serving those who serve us. As the oldest institution of higher learning in Illinois, we have made strides to better accommodate for the members of the military, including campuses operating in Lebanon, Scott Air Force Base, 7 Illinois locations with our AiM program, and Louisville and Radcliff, Kentucky. Continue reading


November 02, 2015

Photo of Amanda BassoWhat Does a Critical Access Hospital CEO Have to Say About the ICAHN Partnership With McKendree Online?

McKendree recently secured a partnership with the Illinois Critical Access Hospital (ICAHN) Network that will allow all network nurses to earn their bachelor’s or master’s degree with McKendree Online at a reduced tuition rate. Continue reading


October 19, 2015

Photo of Susan OdleWhy Should I Get My BSN?

A first-hand account from an RN that didn’t think a bachelor’s degree would make her a better nurse. Meet Susan Odle! Continue reading


October 13, 2015

Photo of Andrew HillSee Why Recent Graduate Andrew Hill Chose McKendree Online For His Educational Needs!

Juggling life’s many responsibilities while furthering your education can seem downright daunting. From jobs and family duties to extracurricular and volunteer activities, penciling in any amount of time for classes can seem next to impossible. Continue reading


September 22, 2015

Photo of Laptop ComputerWhat's It Like Being A New McKendree Online Student?

Starting something new can be extremely intimidating, especially a degree program. Maybe you’ve been out of school for a while or classrooms have always been a stressful place for you, but the good news is that everyone is going through those same worries and concerns as you are. The even better news is that a new McKendree Online student is here to tell you that all those worries were calmed from the moment she was accepted to McKendree’s online program. Continue reading


September 04, 2015

Photo of Planes FlyingMilitary Psychology Class: See Why It’s Vital to Our Online Program!

When the online program at McKendree University was created, a clear decision was made to select courses for our online classes that seem readily relevant and that could be applied to a large variety of groups. It’s especially important in an online program because courses are specifically designed for working professionals and adult learners who have already experienced life and really appreciate the application of these courses to their current situations... Continue reading


August 20, 2015

Photo of Dr. BeardMcKendree University's Director Spotlight: Meet Dr. Beard!

When choosing a university, students consider important qualities such as degree programs, reputation, cost, and more. Did you know that professors often have a list of these qualities as well? Today we are happy to introduce the new Director of the MBA program for McKendree! The qualities that sold her on McKendree are the beautiful campus, the dedicated faculty, and a long tradition of educational excellence. Let’s meet Dr. Roxanne Beard! Continue reading


August 05, 2015

Photo of Lindsey and James EricksonStudent Spotlight: Why Lindsey and James Erickson Chose McKendree Online for Their Degrees

McKendree University is rooted in tradition with a reputation of quality education and a caring faculty and staff. Through the convenience of online degrees, McKendree has given access to over 185 years of this academic excellence through the innovation of McKendree Online. The online degree programs are designed to fit the lifestyle of individuals committed to furthering their degrees and pursuing their goals without sacrificing the things that are important to them like a family and a career. Meet the Ericksons, and see how McKendree Online is making their degrees possible. Continue reading


June 30, 2015

Photo of Curtis TolerHonoring Curtis Toler, Retired Air Force Member and Psychology Student at McKendree University!

With Independence Day just ahead of us, it’s time to pause and recognize the people who have dedicated a portion of their lives for us to enjoy the freedom our country offers us daily. Each and every one of these brave individuals has a story, and part of their story includes fighting for us. McKendree University, the oldest college in Illinois, is fortunate to have a rich history of serving those who have served, and today we are honored to acknowledge the service of one of our current students. Continue reading


June 30, 2015

Photo of Dr. Tami EgglestonMcKendree University's Director Spotlight: Meet. Dr. Eggleston!

When students choose to obtain their degrees from McKendree University, they know that they’re not just learning about countless subjects and fine-tuning their knowledge in their specialties. They are able to interact with knowledgeable, engaging professors who exude passion for what they teach. One of the most popular and well-loved professors at McKendree is our spotlight for this edition: Dr. Tami Eggleston, Professor of Psychology! Continue reading


June 9, 2015

Photo of Dr. RennegarbeMcKendree University's Director Spotlight: Meet Dr. Rennegarbe!

At McKendree University, getting an education isn’t just about helping students gain knowledge and seek out the jobs they want. It’s about life-long learning and passion. We are proud to have such amazing faculty members to help light this fire in our students, and we are honored to spotlight these fantastic educators in our Director Spotlight blogs. Last time, we featured Dr. Don Fouts, our director for the McKendree University Center for Higher Education Administrative Services. For this edition, we are pleased to spotlight Dr. Richelle Rennegarbe, our Chair of the School of Nursing! Continue reading


June 4, 2015

Photo of Dr. FoutsMcKendree University's Director Spotlight: Meet Dr. Fouts!

At McKendree University, our mission is to instill a passion in our students for life-long learning with the finest education, which is provided by our excellent professors. Our reach has now extended beyond the realm of traditional students and has helped countless nontraditional adult learners. Last month we featured Dr. Frank Spreng, Director of the MBA Program and professor of economics. This month we are proud to feature Dr. Don Fouts, our director for the McKendree University Center for Higher Education Administrative Services! Continue reading


May 22, 2015

Photo of Derek CrowderWe Salute Derek Crowder, Active Air Force Member and Business Instructor at McKendree University!

As Memorial Day dawns on us, we take pause to remember all of the sacrifices, both big and small, that our veterans and current members of the military have given in order to protect our freedoms throughout the years. They have confronted their duty without fear or hesitation, and we are forever grateful to them. Some of our military members also leave home for foreign lands and continue making a difference on different fronts, including education. Continue reading


May 19, 2015

Photo of Dr. SprengMcKendree University's Director Spotlight: Meet Dr. Spreng!

We at McKendree University pride ourselves in providing outstanding education for excellent students who seek to obtain their undergraduate or graduate degrees. We know that we couldn’t accomplish this without the help of our amazing, dedicated faculty members, who give their time and knowledge over and over to ensure that our students receive the best education possible. For our first spotlight, we’re happy to introduce Dr. Frank Spreng, professor of economics! Continue reading


May 12, 2015

Photo of Students StudyTake Advantage of Our Online Courses Starting June 1st!

Hey, Bearcats (and Bearcats-to-be)! What are your plans this summer? Are you working full-time, caring for your family, or penciling in some much-needed time away, but still want to advance your educational goals? Take advantage of our online classes this summer! Continue reading



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