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University Life

Welcome to university life at McKendree. This is where you want to live. This is where you will have fun. This is where you will explore. This is where you should be. This is where you will express yourself. This is where you belong. It's time to begin your university life.



Endless Opportunities

We offer opportunities for everyone. Socialize. Perform. Compete. Serve. Spiritualize. Grow. Enjoy.



Welcome Home

It's all right here. We're the fit you've been searching for. Welcome to your spot, your place, your home as a McKendree Bearcat.



Campus Housing

Catch a glimpse of what it looks like living on campus. We offer residence options to best suit your needs. Your personal independence is right around the corner. So, personalize it. Make it yours. Make it a place to call home.



Scenes of Campus

Engage in the beauty of our campus from new heights. Notice the grandeur of our red-brick buildings, overflowing fountains, magnificent monuments, modern architecture, and splendorous statues--a solid foundation of over 190 years for you to take-in.



Celebrate Academic Excellence

Acquire knowledge, explore your passions, attain a mentor, and gain valuable career experience in our one-of-a-kind intellectual climate. You belong at McKendree.



Be a Bearcat

We take pride in offering our student-athletes everything they need to succeed in the classroom and on the field. And, our athletes are proud to be Bearcats.  Everyday they represent the honor of what it takes to wear McKendree University across the front of their jerseys. It's a great day to be a Bearcat!



Champion Performance

Get a sneak peek inside one of our sports performance facilities.  And, get to meet our sports performance coach as he prepares our athletic teams to victory.



STEM @ McKendree

We're dedicated to advancing the next generation of professionals that will change the face of the STEM field. What you accomplish at McKendree is going to impact the lives of our future.



On-campus Arts Entertainment

Our Hettenhausen Center for the Arts, or "The Hett" as our students call it, offers a variety of entertainment options right here on campus. Watch full productions of performing artists touring across the nation and the globe. Most shows are FREE to McKendree students.