McKendree Online and Graduate Student Testimonials

McKendree University provides opportunities for the busy adult to pursue their dreams of earning their degree. Discover what students have to say about their online and graduate experience. 


Paul Baker


"Right away, McKendree gave me a feeling of ease. Between the counselors, the educators, and the peer groups, it made me realize this is the best place to advance my education and advance my career."    

Paul Baker '17 BBA in Business Administration, pursuing MBA - Human Resources Management,  Mount Sherman, KY



Brooks, Torrez Radcliff, KY


"All the instructors are the same, they genuinely care. They take the time to focus on you. They'll stay after class, you can call them, email them - whatever you need, they'll help you." 

Torrez Brooks pursuing BBA in Business Administration, Vine Grove, KY



Cecil, Joseph Radcliff KY


"I was looking for something that could be beneficial for me so I could work and earn my degree. At McKendree, I can focus on one class at a time and go to class while working my full time job."    

Joseph Cecil pursuing AS in Business Administration, Elizabethtown, KY



Grigsby, Sheila 

"I started the BSN program at McKendree to validate my years of leadership experience. I was so impressed with the nursing program that I continued into the MSN program and chose the Manager/Administrator track. I completed the Doctorate of Nursing Practice just for me, working full time and maintaining a 4.0 GPA. The McKendree focus on ethical leadership defines the nursing leader I choose to be. McK professors have become family through the years. I have gained tremendous insight from many of the caring instructors who have helped guide me through life's crucibles, including devastating family loss and personal and professional milestones. My heart will always belong to McK. I continue to encourage and support current students. I fully recommend the McK Nursing program. I wish for my grandchildren to be touched by educators as sincere, warm and caring as those at McKendree University."  

Shelia Grigsby '12 BSN, '15 MSN, '19 DNP, Mt. Washington, KY

Hagan, Gina


"My experience at McKendree has been nothing but positive. Professors want to see students succeed and go above and beyond to help. The four- to eight-week classes are great. It's so much easier to focus on one to two subjects instead of four or five."    

Gina Hagan, pursuing BBA in Management, Rineyville, KY



Kavaliunas, Christopher DNP



"It is reinvigorating to be able to see the finish line and visualize all the possibilities after living this labor of love."

Christopher Kavaliunas '02 BBA in Accounting, pursuing DNP, Maryville, IL



Lawson, Talaya phot


"McKendree makes me eager to learn and want more. As a single mother and soldier, the one-month courses allow me to go to work full time during the day, and go to school at night full time. I'm finishing my degree faster than I expected."

Talaya Lawson, pursuing BBA in Business Administration/4+1 MBA, Scott Air Force Base, IL



Cludrick McZeal


"I was worried I wouldn't keep up with the other students and the work classes entailed. I was truly wrong. Each professor's willingness to help makes McKendree a great academic experience."    

Claudrick McZeal, pursuing BBA in Management, Radcliff, KY




Parsons, Robert Radcliff, KY


"For a working father and husband, I needed something that would work with my schedule. McKendree's flexibility allows me to work full time and raise a family. Between the instructors and counselors, I've truly felt at home at McKendree."    

Robert Parsons, pursuing BBA in Business Administration/4+1 MBA, Freeburg, IL



Wagner, Ched


"The excellent advisor support, the flexibility of classes, and the pace of the course materials were all things I liked best when completing my online degree."    

Ched Wagner '18 BBA in Business Administration, Lebanon, IL




Wolpert, Elizabeth


"Taking classes online at McKendree University was very convenient for me. The staff worked with me throughout my online journey and were extremely helpful, professional, and caring. They were always checking up on me and making sure I had everything I needed to be successful. Now, I am able to provide support and assistance to students who are in the same situation I was in my current position as a Transfer and Online Admissions Coordinator. I am thankful for my experience at McKendree University.”    

Elizabeth Wolpert '19 BBA in Marketing, Sullivan, IL