Learning at McKendree: Jean M. Scheller-Sampson

Dr. Jean Sampson’s hands-on teaching style helps McKendree students develop the knowledge and skills they need to become successful business leaders.

“It is my responsibility to instill in my students the need to be ‘lifelong’ learners and the importance of knowing that they have to be effective managers to compete in a global economy,” she says. While she requires them to conduct research, analyze data and communicate the relevance of their findings to professional audiences, Sampson makes sure they enjoy the process.

“I try to have fun in class because I think students learn more when they are relaxed and have their hands at work on projects,” she says. “I try to educate my students in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They never sit in a desk the entire class time. We do many things such as cases, scavenger hunts, ‘Classroom Feud,’ Q & A, and many other projects to keep them going. I never lecture an entire class period!”

A favorite project of students in Sampson’s Organizational Behavior course is making “trophies” out of cups, chopsticks and a plastic medal. “There are a lot of steps to it, but it tends to get very competitive, tense and creative. Throughout this one class they are learning about strategy, communication, goal setting, quick paced change, working under pressure, and numerous other management skills they can carry over to the workforce.”

She often takes her students to professional conferences and competitions, and invites guest speakers every semester to share knowledge and insight beyond what she can offer. “I think I owe it to the students to bring as much learning to the table as possible, and that means bringing in other experiences and viewpoints,” she says.


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