Residence Halls

McKendree has three different types of residence halls.  We have traditional style, suite style, and apartment style halls.  Each of these halls offer unique experiences.  The traditional style halls are predominantly freshmen, and have programming focused towards them.  The suite style and apartment style halls are predominantly sophomores and above, and have programming focused towards them.  Take the time to check out each of our halls, and decide which you would like to become a part of.  Please note that freshmen are not allowed to live in McKendree West.

Traditional-Style HallsPhoto of Residence Halls

Baker Hall  

Barnett Hall 

Walton Hall      

Suite-Style Halls              

Residence Hall East  

Residence Hall West  

The Suites  

Apartment-Style Halls

McKendree South     

McKendree West  

University Certified Off-Campus Housing

Bearcat Den