ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge

McKendree University has a long history and commitment to civic engagement and service learning.  In unison with the University’s strategic plan, we seek not only to provide an excellent academic experience, but also to offer a wide variety of intellectual opportunities beyond the classroom by developing a forum for presentations and discussions about current issues and events.

We have been continuously recognized on the President’s Community Service Honor Roll for our commitment to volunteering, service learning and civic engagement.  We have participated in the U.S. Department of Education’s President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge to bring awareness and diversity to the campus. A campus Social Justice and Equity Committee was established in 2014 to continue our broader efforts to promote knowledge and understanding among all members of the McKendree community about issues of diversity, inclusion, social justice and equality. We have participated in National Voter Registration Day, held numerous voter registration drives and have actively celebrated Constitution Day with voter registration and fun activities for students.

McKendree recently joined the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge. We are committed to improving democratic engagement, increasing student voter participation rates, and graduating students with a lifelong commitment to being informed and active citizens.  Through our “Bearcats Vote” campaign we have held several civic engagement activities this Fall.

8/27 - Into the Streets Voter Registration Drive, MPCCConstitution Day

9/16 - Constitution Day & Voter Registration Drive, 11am-1pm, Holman Library

9/21 - Voter Registration Drive, 5:30pm, The Hett

9/26 - Exercise Your Right to Vote Zumba Class and Debate Watch, 7pm, McKendree West Clubhouse

9/26 - Debate Watch, 8pm, The Hett

10/9 - Debate Watch, 8pm, The Hett

10/18 - Panel Discussion:  The Rise of Donald Trump and What it Means with McKendree professors Dr. Brian FrederkingRise of Donald Trump Panel and Dr. Ann Collins along with journalist/author Sarah Kendzoir (The View from Flyover Country, The Globe and Mail, Foreign Policy, on Twitter @sarahkendzior), 7pm, The Hett

10/19 - Debate Watch, 8pm, The Hett

10/26 - Brown Bag:  Campaign in Poetry, Govern in Prose:  The Rhetoric of Elections by Dr. Betsy Gordon and students from the Presidential Campaign Communications class, Noon, PAC 222

10/30 - BSO and ESLAC Delta Sigma Theta Sorority "Voter Registration Outing," 1:30pm, Meet in Circle Drive

11/1 - Mock Election, 10am-2pm, PAC Lobby

11/2 - Brown Bag:  Get Out the Vote:  Next Week's Election by Dr. Ann Collins, Noon, PAC 222 



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Vote on Nov. 8, 2016!