McKendree PomCats

2015-16 PomCats


The McKendree PomCats are a talented and dedicated group of dancers who support McKendree University through their spirit, skill, and presence at campus events. As members of the McKendree University's Dance Team program, the PomCats maintain a rigorous schedule throughout the year, performing at football games, parades, events and basketball games as required during the academic year.

Practices are held 3 times a week on campus, which include learning new choreography, practicing technique, and working on strength, endurance and flexibility. Because of the large amount of routines performed every year, practices are mandatory and classes/other activities should be scheduled around dance commitments. Fundraising will take place throughout the year to keep costs low, to supplement our University funding. 


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 Congratulations everyone!!!  Here is your 2017-2018 McKendree University Dance Team Program. 


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