Academic Excellence Celebration: April 24, 2014

Academic Excellence Celebration: April 24, 2014

Academic Excellence Celebration

The 2014 Academic Excellence Celebration will be held on Thursday, April 24 throughout the Lebanon campus. Activities will include scholarly presentations, exhibits, performances, posters, the Honors Convocation, and several honor society inductions. Regularly scheduled classes on the Lebanon campus will not be held that day or evening, but all students will be expected to attend Academic Excellence Celebration events instead. Presenters will include nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate students, full-time and associate faculty, staff, and alumni. There will something of interest for everyone!


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The goals of the Academic Excellence Celebration are:

1.  To coordinate an array of existing academic events and create a venue for new ones.

2.  To showcase the scholarly work of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

3.  To provide information about our academic programs to our constituents.

4.  To enhance community spirit.


Information for Presenters

Presenters should register at the Presenters' Check-in Station in the Piper Academic Center Lounge at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time. There, they will pick up name tags and special pins recognizing their participation.

All presenters are encouraged to invite family, friends, or other community members to attend their presentations. Presenters are also encouraged to support each other by attending other sessions throughout the day.

Information for Faculty

Faculty are encouraged to integrate Academic Excellence Celebration activities into their course requirements. Instead of attending classes, students should be required to attend sessions during their regularly scheduled class times and any other times of their choosing that day. Faculty may choose to offer students incentives for participation and/or attendance.

Information for Volunteers

Volunteers should check in no later than 7:45 a.m. in the Piper Academic Center Lounge to pick up name tags and instructions. For information about volunteering, please contact Dr. Tami Eggleston.

Information for Guests

Thank you for making plans to attend McKendree's first annual Academic Excellence Celebration. We hope that you will enjoy this new academic tradition.