Internet Usage

Information Technology and Residence Life are working together with Operations on solving challenges with cable and Wi-Fi. After careful examination of use and feedback from students, we proposes ending McKendree TV service on campus.

We would like to provide the following reasons for our recommendation:

  • For the past two years, Residence Life conducted their Fall Student Survey and found the majority of students watch little cable television and/or prefer expanded Wi-Fi service.
  • Services and support from Charter has dramatically declined. This decline has impacted the student experience.

We propose using the allocated money from our TV contracts to bolster the Wi-Fi and bandwidth on campus, which is one of the largest student concerns each semester according to the Fall Student Survey. In the course of 30 days, nearly 50% of the overall network usage is for video purposes. This clearly demonstrates that our students are already watching large amounts of TV and movies online already.

  • Students could continue to receive TV and movies in many different formats:
  • Subscribe to Charter using their personal account and information
  • Many providers allow customers to watch TV and movies remotely with a valid and active subscription. Students can access this information using their parent’s subscription and still have access to all the content they would have at home.
  • Continue to use Netflix, Hulu, HBOGo, Showtime, ESPN, or through other streaming subscriptions.
  • Using a HD antenna to receive local channels. The majority of newer TVs already have this digital antenna built in.

Below represents the last 24hrs of usage.  Notice the 3 following areas:

  1. This graph represents total consumption.  The light blue area is Netflix usage alone.
  2. The Group % shows that 49.7% of all traffic was Video traffic.
  3. The % Usage column shows how much of each type of traffic is being consumed.