Schools Compete in WYSE Academic Challenge Sectional at McKendree

Governor French, Gibault, Highland and Edwardsville High Schools Take Top Team Honors

Lebanon, Ill. — More than 260 talented students from 29 southwestern Illinois high schools competed at McKendree University on Mar. 12 in the Illinois Sectional tournament of the 2012 Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) Academic Challenge. The top schools in each division, based on enrollment size, were Governor French Academy (under 300); Gibault Catholic (300 to 700); Highland (700 to 1,500); and Edwardsville (1,500 or more).

Participants came from Belleville West, Bond County (Greenville), Breese Central, Carlyle, Centralia, Christ Our Rock Lutheran (Centralia), Collinsville, Dupo, Edwardsville, Freeburg, Gibault (Waterloo), Governor French Academy (Belleville), Highland, Lebanon, Marissa, Mascoutah, Mater Dei (Breese), Mulberry Grove, Nashville, O’Fallon, Odin, Okawville, Red Bud, Salem, Sandoval, Sparta, Vandalia, Waterloo and Wesclin (Trenton).

As a result of the competition, McKendree University awarded scholarships to Jeremiah James of Marissa High School; Daniel Fullerton of Centralia High School; and Aimee Dancy of Governor French Academy. McKendree-bound students who attend one of the university’s scholarship events and also finish in the top three in their school’s division at the WYSE Academic Challenge are eligible.

It is the ninth year that the university has hosted the competition. Dr. Jim Feher, professor of computer science and computer information systems at McKendree, is chairman of the WYSE advisory board. "I love to host the Academic Challenge. It is fantastic to have so many young kids get recognized for their academic achievement in the STEM areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics," he said.

WYSE’s purpose is to advance excellence in science and mathematics and to promote careers in engineering and the sciences. The Academic Challenge is a competitive series of multiple-choice tests in seven subjects, designed to motivate talented high school students to greater achievement.

Competing individually and as varsity and junior varsity teams in divisions based on their school’s enrollment size, students take tests in biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, English, math and physics. Test material is drawn from senior high school and freshman level college curricula and written by college and university faculty. Exams of increasing levels of difficulty are given at the regional, sectional and state finals.

Top scoring teams and individuals advance to the state finals in April in Champaign. Results of the Illinois Sectional are posted at




Team photos:

Photo of Belleville West High School 2012

Belleville West High School

Front row: Riley Mayr and Austin Pavlak.

Middle row: Natalie Walsh, Morgan Munro, Mollie Carty, Rachel Petrie.

Back row: Coach Mike Rogier, Hannah Benson, Justin Vartanian, Gary Huang, Chris Mertens, Jack Muskopf, Luke Weilbacher, Josh Dormeier, Eli Bernstein, Rachel Harvey.

Photo of Bond County High School 2012

Bond County Community Unit #2 High School

Front row: Jasmine Patel, Anna Brannon, Kelsey Laurent, Katie Pollman.

Back row: Coach Linda Hinch, Dellon Sanders, Donald Cruse, Elle Shaw, Jordan Disch, Alex Childerson, Tyler Ziemba, Amy Disch, Seth Lohman, Hayden File, Colton Rainey.

Photo of Breese High School 2012

Breese Central Community High School

Front Row: Jonathan Witte and Max Pittman.

Not pictured: Coach Emily Howell.

Photo of Carlyle High School 2012

Carlyle High School

Front row: Ben Tucker, Courtney Gerstenecker, Olivia Walker, Katie Twitchell, Siera Crouse.

Back row: Ryan Schaffer, Sawyer Magnus, Andrew Adams, Spencer Smith, Clinton Schmienk, Justen Hediger, Tyson Boehne, Kenny Odell, Tyler Wheelan.

Not pictured: Coach Joe Wilkerson.

Photo of Centralia High School 2012

Centralia High School

Front row: Rebecca Reynolds, Brittan Rosch, Lindsey Buckmore, Megan Chillson.

Back row: Abby Henegar, Annamarie Beckmeyer, Dustin Dekalb, Connor Zelasko, Trenton Dunahee, Breden Hartmann, Daniel Fullerton, C.J. Schnieder, Brendan Harris, Dip Patel, Coach Jason Kuester.

Photo of Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School 2012

Christ Our Rock Lutheran High School

Front row: Ellie Rueter, Caitlin Fuehne, Dorothee Belli, Celia Belli.

Back row: Quinn DeBernardi, Quincy Knolhoff, Montana Schmitz-Donoho, Amanda Geiger, Lukas Mueller, Carson Neudecker, Ben Maschoff, Brandon Huggins.

Not pictured: Coach Will Pennington.

Photo of Collinsville High School 2012

Collinsville High School

Front row: Dalton Akley, Christopher He, Sam Kluthe, Mike Bednara.

Middle row: Andy Doyon, Kailey Vojas, Katherine Ross, Aman Patel.

Back row: Michael McMahon, Coach Tom Withee, Jason Kunz, Robert Duff, Isaac Reichert, Michael Menges, Micah Lauth, Coach Pat Szpila.

Photo of Dupo High School 2012

Dupo High School

Front Row: Michelle Gleich and Coach Kelly Walsh.

Photo of Edwardsville High School 2012

Edwardsville High School

Front row: Mallory Schoreder, Allie Kern, Cori Hinterser.

Middle row: Tim Chen, Alex Aydt, Rick Veitch, Stephanie Shady.

Back row: Coach Julia Dall, Clare Swapp, Adam Bailey, Luke Puchner-Hardman, Brady O’Brian, Brett Lunn, Matt Clarkston, Garrett Sweatt, Coach Becky Beal.

Photo of Freeburg High School 2012

Freeburg High School

Front row: Stephanie Wormald, Addie Buerck.

Back row: Aaron Province, Brendan O’Saben.

Not pictured: Coach Kim Lintker.

Photo of Gibault Catholic High School 2012

Gibault Catholic High School

Front row: Erin Goldschmidt, Kristin Kreher, Angela Vieth, Olivia Hollmann.

Back row: Coach Bill Guthrie, Dan Kuester, Martin Witges, Alex Dickinsin, Matthew Branz, Brendan Robbins, Reed Spurgeon, John Orlet, Alexia Schrieber, James Deterding.

Photo of Governor French Academy 2012

Governor French Academy

Front row: Erykah Harris, Skylar Kline, Madi Maharaj, Martina Hukel.

Back row: Coach Christine Stewart, Jonah Atchison, Cayden Hundley, Conner Ruhl, Josie Dawson, Benjamin White, Poju Wei, Forrest Hunter, Cody Hughes, Geno Umlor, Aimee Dancy.

Photo of Highland High School 2012

Highland High School

Front row: Caroline Menz, Amy Klobuchar, Lauren Miller, Hayley Vonder Haar.

Back row: Olivia Geiger, Joshua Case, Kevin Wang, Logan Garthe, Aaron Uhe, Samuel Holdeman, Austin Holtzclaw, Katie Brinker, Emilee Gibbons, Morgan Fuehne.

Not pictured: Coach Kristie Simmons.

Photo of Lebanon High School 2012

Lebanon High School

Front Row: Zach Schoenfeld, Andrew Pollard, Ryan Helfrich.

Not pictured: Coach Marsha Schmittling.

Photo of Marissa High School 2012

Marissa High School

Front row: Katie Schmierbach, Julie Foertsch, Emilie Bollmeier, Kayla Juenger.

Middle row: Troy Neal, Wyatt Albert, Drew Feig.

Back row: Dustin Johnston, Jacqueline Waller, Miranda Hagan, Joey Smith, Austin Place, Jeremiah James, Gene Cathcart.

Not pictured: Coach Jill Prest.

Photo of Mascoutah High School 2012

Mascoutah High School

Front row: Kayla Daniels, Brianna Witherell, Alexis Pokorney, Dana Sigman.

Back row: Tiffany Miller, Kelly Perkins, Kelsey Abington, Rebecca Baron, Morgan Gulley, Kayla Wiedau, Michael Parks, Thomas Cavin, Brett Jennings.

Not pictured: Coach-Sponsor Chris Levrault.

Photo of Mater Dei High School 2012

Mater Dei Catholic High School

Front row: Mackenzie McCray, Zoe Timmermann, Anna Lampe, Ellen Toennies.

Back row: Laura Schlueter, Kevin Garber, Kane Weinberg, Joe Kasson, Zach Peek, Hannah Albers, Drew Logullo, Tad Logullo, Lucas Foppe, Jon Ang, Coach Scott Timmermann.

Photo of Mulberry Grove High School 2012

Mulberry Grove High School

Front Row: Newt Albert.

Not pictured: Coach Karen Clark.

Photo of Nashville High School 2012

Nashville High School

Front row: Karli Kurwicki, Alexia Castic, Tricia Hermann, Meghan Orr.

Back row: Devin Holle, Alex Orr, Garett Guest, Hannah Heseman, Shaye Harre, Shawn Rennegarbe, Marissa Perjak, Brandon Heckert, Megan Hall, Kyle Mueller.

Not pictured: Coaches Jean Orr and Brian Pasero.

Photo of Odin High School 2012

Odin High School

Front Row: Bridget Horton.

Not pictured: Coach Nancy Schaefer.

Photo of O'Fallon High School 2012

O’Fallon Township High School

Front row: Cassidy McCandless, Emily Cassidy, Sarah Biehn, Sarah Suhaimi.

Back row: Alex Ashley, Drew Wise, Kevin Dice, Alexander McArthur, Valerie Levine, Evan Anderson, Sloane Wolter, Miranda Dawson, Samantha Heinrich.

Not pictured: Coach Connie Shook.

Photo of Okawville High School 2012

Okawville High School

Front row: Alyssa Brammeier, Amy Klasing, Alexis Lintker, Cassie Claro.

Back row: Travis Thoeming, Katie Backs, Tessa Winkel, Alex Rawls, Janel Lake, Taylor Walton, Bennett Brown, Jared Blumhorst, Cameron Winkel, Bryton Cathcart.

Not pictured: Coach Rhonda Hormann.

Photo of Red Bud High School 2012

Red Bud High School

Front row: Sierra Baxter and Morgan Seibert.

Middle row: Joshua DeRousse, Garrett Salger, Amy Koester, Adrianne Webb.

Back row: Andrew Quinn, Jordan Hannah, Tyler Roider, Zach Dobbs, Kyle Doiron, Abbey Brundage, Ryan Shubert, Joshua Whelan.

Not pictured: Coach Brian Magee.

Photo of Salem High School 2012

Salem Community High School

Front row: Bailey Hester, Jessica Hopkins, Miranda Haeuber, Kaitlin Morkassel.

Back row: Nathaniel Reid, Brennan Moore, Christopher Hester.

Not pictured: Coach Lisa Stephenson.

Photo of Sandoval High School 2012

Sandoval High School

Front row: Nico Rodriguez and Wyatt Shuler.

Back row: Randy Pursley.

Not pictured: Coach Amy Telford.

Photo of Sparta High School 2012

Sparta High School

Front Row: Ryan Rhodes, Coach Michelle Rhee.

Photo of Vandalia High School 2012

Vandalia Community High School

Front Row: Michael Price and Patrick Bauer.

Not pictured: Coach Walt Kinney.

Photo of Waterloo High School 2012

Waterloo High School

Front row: Lucas Krupp and David Nabor.

Back row: Coach Lisa Tiedemann.

Photo of Wesclin High School 2012

Wesclin High School

Front Row: Kirk Litteken and Nick Takacs.

Not pictured: Coach Jason Schleifer.


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