Triplex Apartments

The Triplex is apartment style housing with each apartment consisting of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and living and dining spaces. It is co-ed by apartment and located a half-mile from campus near the McKendree West apartment complex, with transportation to main campus via the Bogey Bus. Residents have close access to the outdoor swimming pool and clubhouse at the McKendree West complex, which houses a pool table and washing facilities, and can be used for study groups, meetings, programs, individual studying, and socializing.

Layout: Apartment style housing with two bedrooms to each apartment (4 students/apartment)
Capacity: 12
Apartments: 3
Duty Cell Phone: (618) 975-4386

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Triplex Apartments Staff

Professional Staff

Photo of Saranda Lund


Saranda Lund

Area Coordinator
McKendree West & Triplex
(618) 537-6808
McKendree West Clubhouse




Student Staff

Caden Owens







Lyndellia Mannie
Community Coordinator




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