Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities create and extend student learning opportunities outside of the classroom that heighten student intellectual and personal growth. Living Learning Communities are purposeful attempts to integrate curricular and co-curricular experiences that complement and extend classroom learning. These communities foster faculty and resident interaction that enhances both intellectual and personal growth of the residents. Each community area of interest is structured so students have a high degree of involvement in its formation.

Living Learning Offerings


Arts in Relation to the Student (ARTS)

Housed in Baker Hall, the Arts in Relation to the Student Living Learning Community (ARTS LLC) is a student group founded on a student's desire to explore, create, learn, and grow through programming centered on the arts.  The ARTS LLC provides various programs and events throughout the school year for members to create and express themselves, expand their knowledge of art, and explore the intersection of art in their lives.  Each semester, the ARTS LLC also provides two larger-scale events where students are brought out of Baker Hall and into the larger artistic community to view live performances, meet with local artists, visit galleries, and more!

Previous activities participated in by the ARTS LLC include:

  • Attendance at Hett performances followed by discussion
  • Access to performers before or after shows at the Hett
  • Workshops in the lounge (film review, art instruction, music appreciation, photography, etc.)
  • Sponsored trips to local performances
  • In-hall projects (murals, photo displays/contests, poetry readings, original plays, etc.)
  • Student developed theatre performance


First-Generation Student (First-Gen)

Housed in Residence Hall East, the First-Generation Student Living Learning Community (First-Gen LLC) is a student group founded on the mission to support students who identify as first-generation students.  A first-generation student is identified as a student whose parent(s)/legal guardian(s) did not attain a bachelor's degree or attend a four-year university/college.  The First-Gen LLC holds programs covering topics that a first-generation student may struggle with, such as college "lingo," signing up for classes, FAFSA assistance, time management, selecting a major, getting involved on campus, and interview skills.  The First-Gen LLC also has a mentorship program where first-generation students, or just a first-year student, in the LLC are paired with a sophomore, junior, or senior student who serves as a daily resource for the first-generation student outside of regular meetings of the LLC.  Members of the First-Gen LLC do not have to identify as a first-generation student or have to live in RHE to participate.

Previous activities participated in by the First-Gen LLC include:

  • Collaborative programs with Career Services
  • First-Gen LLC Mentorship Program
  • FAFSA events through Financial Aid

Students for Social Justice (SSJ)

Housed in Barnett Hall, the Students for Social Justice Living Learning Community (SSJ) is a student group founded on a student's desire to discuss current events and/or issues and view them from the social justice perspective.  The group openly discusses a wide variety of topics that include race, gender, ethnicity, privilege/socioeconomic class, ability/disability, mental health, and spirituality.  The SSJ LLC strives to create a safe space to discuss and learn through one another and shared experience.  Along with the discussions, the group actively creates programs and activities in hopes of bringing about awareness and education concerning the aforementioned dimensions. 


Previous activities participated in by the SSJ LLC include:

  • A wide variety of programs dealing with diversity issues, such as race, gender, privilege, socio-economic class, sexual orientation, age, ability and disability, and creed
  • Volunteer opportunities within Lebanon and St. Louis
  • Discussions with Faculty and Staff on key issues
  • Service projects partnered with other campus organizations and departments
  • Off campus trips to historically significant places in relation to social justice 


Want to start your own Living Learning Community?

Complete and submit the Living Learning Community Proposal Form to the Office of Residence Life located in Clark Hall by March 3rd to be considered for a Living Learning Community.

All approved communities will be notified by Friday, March 17th.