New Hall East Staff

The Area Coordinator is an innovative full-time, live-in professional staff member committed to creating an atmosphere that encourages personal, social, and academic development by fostering self-responsibility, trust, and respect for others in a comfortable and accepting environment. Alongside the responsibilities of the overall area operation, the Area Coordinator supervises the building staff and assists students and staff in coordinating programs and activities. Area Coordinator also serves as a resource for students who are experiencing problems.


Photo of Alex Fiks

Alex Fiks

Area Coordinator

Resident Assistants are full-time undergraduate students who live and work in each residential area. Resident Assistants plan activities and programs for the floor community, enforce university policy, conduct monthly health and safety inspections, and report needed repairs. Resident Assistants are aware of campus services, making them an excellent resource for students who are experiencing personal difficulties.



Photo of Loren Terveer


Loren Terveer
Resident Assistant
1st Floor 




Photo of Megan Molinari


Megan Molinari
Resident Assistant
2nd Floor 




Photo of Ariel Cardozo


Ariel Cardozo
Resident Assistant
3rd Floor 




The Community Coordinator is responsible for assisting the Resident Assistants in developing a positive learning community throughout the building or area via large scale programming. The Community Coordinator is also responsible for retrieving mail from Printing and Mail Services and delivering it to each student’s mailbox on a regular basis. Community Coordinators may also work with Living Learning Communities in the area, helping to engage students in educational efforts outside of the classroom.


Photo of Taylor Alzate


Taylor Alzate
Community Coordinator