Mail at McKendree

General Information

The McKendree Mailroom is located in the Eisenmayer Build­ing. The Mailroom provides letter and package service for all resident students. The only mailboxes that are located in the mailroom are for the residents of The Suites. Suite residents are responsible for picking up their mail from that location. Lock combinations will be given out in person.

Mailroom Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Questions or Concerns

Tim Mullins, Mailroom Manager @ 618-537-6927 or

Incoming USPS Mail

The Mailroom staff picks up all available mail/packages from the USPS each morning, Monday through Friday, between 8:30am - 9:30am.

·   Student Mail will be sorted daily before noon, and avail­able to be picked up by an R.A./CC and put in the Resi­dence Hall mailboxes the same day.

·   The mailboxes at West are property of USPS. Correctly addressed mail is directly delivered there from the post office (example below).

·   West Mail that is too big for the mailboxes, or is incor­rectly addressed, will come to the mailroom where it is verified and held until picked up by the student or an R.A.

·   Please remember that the actual time you receive your mail may vary depending upon the time mail is available for pick-up from the USPS and the volume of mail received on a given day.

·   Please report any problems you encounter to the Residence Life Office.

Note: It is recommended that family, friends, and relatives DO NOT send cash through the United States Postal System.

Please be advised that your Mailing Address for all personal mail and packages is:

Example for residents of Baker, Barnett, Walton, and Suites

John Doe
701 College Rd.
Barnett 212
Lebanon, IL 62254

Example for McKendree West Residents

Jane Doe
1201 College Rd. Apt #9
Lebanon, IL 62254

Students living at McKendree West or housing considered McKendree Village will use the Lebanon street address for that unit. DO NOT use 701 College Road and DO NOT include McKendree University in the address for those units.

Outgoing Mail

All outgoing USPS Mail is taken to the Lebanon Post Of­fice, located at 201 E Saint Louis Street Lebanon, IL 62254, daily at 3:30pm. The McKendree Mailroom has stamps available for purchase and will confirm the correct amount of postage needed.

Mail Forwarding

In order to ensure timely and accurate mail delivery, all resident students are required to complete a Mail Forward­ing Change of Address Form if they permanently leave the University or leave after the school year. *

·   These forms are available in the McKendree Mailroom and at the Lebanon Post Office.

·   Completed forms can be dropped off at the McKendree Mailroom. 

·   If no address is provided mail will be forwarded to your home address.

·   All first class mail will be forwarded to the address pro­vided to the mailroom. Standard mail, which cannot be forwarded, will be discarded.

·   The Mailroom does not hold mail or packages over summer vacation. Special arrangements can be made for international students only.

·   If a student is not returning they are required to file a change of address with USPS, as well as notify senders of address change.*

* If a student has not met the conditions stated above all mail will be returned to sender.

Incoming Packages

Incoming packages for all resident students will be received by the McKendree University Mailroom.

·   The Mailroom staff will notify any student who re­ceives a package via cell phone or written notice deliv­ered with the students mail.

·   The mailroom staff will need a cell phone or alter­nate contact number of all students to ensure prompt notification.

·   Numbers are kept confidential and are only used to no­tify a student of packages. All packages are held in the McKendree Mailroom.

·   Due to the increase in the number of packages and the limited amount of space in the mailroom, it is impera­tive packages are picked up as soon as possible.

·   Any package not picked up by the student within 10 days after the student has been notified will be returned.

·   Students are responsible for notifying the mailroom of  any packages arriving under an alias or in a parents’ name. Any packages that arrive under unknown names will be returned to sender.