Apply for Housing

All full-time (12+ credit hours) undergraduate students are required to live in University Housing.

Only full-time undergraduate students enrolled at McKendree University are permitted to occupy rooms in University housing.  Parental consent is implied when students under 18 years of age since the Terms and Conditions for housing and meal plans is an extension of the student's agreement with McKendree University.  Housing is not guaranteed for graduate students and is dependent on availability.  The University does not offer spousal or family units in University housing or University-certified housing.

New Students

Admitted students can access the Housing Application starting December 1st by logging into their McKendree Application Portal. 

New students must complete the Housing Application to reserve a spot in University housing. To complete the application, students must select their room assignment preferences and confirm that they have read and understand the Terms and Conditions of the Housing and Meal Plan Contract, as well as related University policies and regulations. Students are notified of their housing placements in mid-June.

Before completing the Housing Application, students are required to submit the $200 damage deposit.

Continuing Students

Students returning to McKendree University for the following academic year are required to renew their housing in March each year using the McKendree Housing Portal.
Students will access the McKendree Housing Portal on the specific date that corresponds to their academic credits.

Students can view the Selection Process Help Guide* for more information regarding the McKendree Housing Portal and selection process.
*Please note the guide is in reference to the 2019 selection process timeframe*

Students wishing to cancel their Housing and Meal Plan Contract must submit an Application to Waive the Residency Requirement to be approved for off-campus residency.


Break Housing

Students wishing to stay in University Housing during summer or winter breaks must submit the appropriate request form.

Students will be notified when request forms for winter or summer housing are available and links to the applications will be found on the Forms page of the Residence Life website.