Big Brothers


Alex Noble

Year: Junior

Major: Marketing and Management
Minor: Coaching

Pledge Class: Spring 2012
Reason for being a big brother: I wanted to get to know more people and have a sister to talk to about anything. 


drewAndrew Kordelewski

codyCody Rhymer


Jon Becker

Year: 5th Year Senior

Major: Athletic Training

Minor: Sports Psychology and Sports Performance

Pledge Class: 2012

Reason for Joining: I wanted to be a part of Greek life and I had friends that wanted me to join KET.

Favorite Part of being a Big Brother: The family atmosphere and friendships I have made are awesome. Formal is always fun as well.

Other Activities: FCA, Phi Kappa Phi, Iota Tau Alpha, Golf, Intramurals

nickNick Schulte


Buddy Anderson

Year: 1st Year Senior

Major: Music Education

Pledge Class: Fall 2010

Reason for Joining: One of my best friends at the time was a in Kappa Sigma Tau and she convinced me to become a Big Brother, one of the best decisions I've made while at McK!

Favorite thing about KET: Hanging out with the wonderful ladies and our bonding activities.



Check back soon for information on our current Big Brothers and how you can become an official Kappa Sigma Tau Big Brother!